Underseen Indie Darlings Jeff Who Lives at Home and Shame

As we approach Oscar night, Nerdcenaries is going to shift into some reviews of acclaimed films that you’ll be hearing about that you probably didn’t see like “Jeff Who Lives At Home” and “Shame”. Check out the reviews below the bump and feel free to suggest movies you’d like to see in the future.

Jeff Who Lives at Home

From the fantastic Duplass brothers comes the quirky indie comedy Jeff, Who Lives at Home. Stoner-slacker Jeff (Jason Segel) receives a wrong number phone call for a man named Kevin but after watching the movie Signs believes that random occurrences such as this will lead to his destiny. He begins to follow any sign that might lead him to this mystery Kevin. Along the way his familial relationships are tested as he helps his older brother Pat (Ed Helms) deal with his marital problems while still being looked down upon by him because of his seemingly passive outlook on life.

The Duplass’ have made another great comedy after their past endeavors such as Cyrus and The Puffy Chair. Jason Segel brings his warm and sweet personality that we’ve come to expect from him and really brings out the best in his co-stars particularly his overbearing brother. Ed Helms puts on the best performance of his career and is funnier than he ever was in The Hangover. The movie is sweet and heartfelt while delivering some great laughs and is a fun film for everyone to see.


After making the incredibly powerful film Hunger
in 2008 Director Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender reunite to make the equally powerful film Shame. Fassbender (X-Men: First Class) stars as Brandon a successful businessman in New York City who suffers from sexual addiction. His seeming routine of work and sex is shaken when his estranged sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan) arrives and starts living with him. She is as troubled as Brandon stemming from an unexplained childhood trauma. This film is a true work of art and shows one man’s struggles to overcome his personal and family problems while trying to maintain his successful career, when his personal life starts to affect his business life.

Michael Fassbender’s acting is outstanding and he is sure to capture your full attention. Shame tackles a controversial topic yet does so in a style that is visually engaging and thought provoking. Few films could capture such a taboo subject matter so perfectly. Steve McQueen continues to push the boundaries of modern cinema and this film will leave you wanting more!

(Yes I know Shame was technically a 2011 film but it didn’t get wider releases until 2012 so I’m counting it)