Marvel Announces New AR Moments In Classic Comics

In a PR message released today, Marvel announced that they would be adding in AR moments in new printings of classic collections starting with new hardcover versions of Secret Wars, Nextwave, Spider-man and Captain America.

“Honestly I think the AR boxes are really great for bringing people into the comics,” said Joe Quesada. “It gives the reader something to do and it stands out on the page enough so you can’t ignore it. And we got a brilliant team together to come up with all sorts of content for the new books.”

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ERAS Fung – Building A New Story Via Kickstarter

I am doing another Minicomic Kickstarter with artist Brian Wolf and then former Nerdcenaries contributor Ziah Grace and Nick Rockel are doing a comic as well. I wanted to make a post about it to go more into what the story I am writing, ERAS: Fung is going to be about.

The first ERAS story, ERAS Parrish is something I’ll totally regard as a failure on my part. I didn’t get a second opinion till it was done and that opinion hated it. Parrish ended up focusing too much on a dramatic story with issues of masculinity and white knighting that suddenly changed into a horror story with monsters in it in the last 2 pages. Not very good on my part – the balance was off like a seesaw with a boulder on one side.

With ERAS Fung I realized I needed an actual story to wrap the issues around, instead of issues to base a story on. I needed to lay the bricks before pouring the paint. Luckily the story came more easily since the artist wanted to do the drug/murder mystery based on Dr. Fung and my loose pitch of that.

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Marvel Assigns Fred Phelps To Write “Adventures Of Spider-man”

Almost a week after DC announced the controversial choice of hiring famed bigot Orson Scott Card to write the digital first series “The Adventures of Superman”, Marvel comics has responded with their own horribly controversial creator. In a press release sent out today, Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church has been announced as the writer for a new series called “The Adventures of Spider-man.”

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KABOOM Cutting Comic Cover Rates?

Rumors have started circulating that the price KABOOM is paying for Adventure Time covers is around $200. While this may seem like a reasonable amount considering that is a more or less standard page rate for artists – it is honestly very low for covers, especially for a company that not only is doing multiple printings of the comics (Adventure Time #1 and #2 did extra printings) but is also additionally reprinting covers and getting full rights to the work.

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Would I Date The 50 Comic Characters You Most Want To Have Sex With?

So James Gunn, the still to be director of Guardians of the Galaxy had a poll about the 50 Comic Characters People’d Want To Have Sex With. Not in and of itself horrible – there are men on there, there is a person of color (non-alien), one LBGT character and then… well, then Gunn kind of was himself – a nasty homophobic misogynist who riled up a lot of people. But I’m going to approach the list different but when it comes to these characters, I want to discuss whether I’d have chemistry with the characters or not before even thinking about having sex. Whether I think they’d get along which for me is ultimately more important. And even though I am a straight guy, I’ll consider the guys too.

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Nerdcenaries has the scoop! Superior Spider-Man revealed!

In a shocking turn of events, online-embedded Nerdcenaries writer, Ziah Grace, has gotten some breaking news on the identity of the new Spider-Man set to debut in January’s Superior Spider-Man #1. The identity is under the cut, and SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS. 

It's a pun!
C’mon guys. Listen to the fan-favorite blonde girl. We don’t have enough of those. (Also, quick aside, I am shocked, SHOCKED, that I used this joke/picture before fellow writer, Arielle.

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Fake Geek Girl Spotted In Seattle

The Fake Geek Girl, long suspected to exist but never seen, was photographed by an amateur cryptozoologist as the elusive Girl was leaving a Simon Helberg signing at Gold K Comics. Clad in what some witnesses believe was a Target Batman tee shirt and others a Wal-mart Avengers hoodie (though most agreed she had no idea when those were created), the mysterious community interloper allegedly gushed over Helberg’s show and how much she “appreciated it for making geek cool.” The Girl was said to have been “such a geek in school” and “really liked books and stuff.”

Max Rittlin, the cyrptozoologist who took the picture, did not speak to the Girl in question but had her pointed out to him by a friend who overheard other people talking about her. “I was like, “Yeah, right, no way she’s faking,” but my bro was all, “Man, she didn’t even know who Flash is.” So I took out my phone and copped the shot as fast as I could.”

Sharif Atwater, the manager at Gold K thinks the girl in the picture wasn’t the Fake Nerd Girl at all. “That looks like one of my regulars, but it’s too blurry. Anyway, everyone was having a good time. I don’t know why people are worried if she was really into comics.”

Whether the girl in the photograph was really the infamous Fake Nerd Girl can’t be 100% proven. But if she does exist, maybe she can answer the most important question her existence poses: How does her level of interest affect anyone else’s enjoyment?