Elseworlds: 1996 WWF: The 1997 Royal Rumble

Not a hoax, not a dream, but definitely an imaginary story.

KnicksFanForLife Usenet report posted:

Dark Match: Stevie Ray and Godfather/Steve Corino and Sid, Stevie pins Corino.

Dark Match: Sugah Shane and Jammin Jamie w/Matt Hardy and Cuddly Chris vs. Hakushi/Bradshaw, Bradshaw pins Noble. Hakushi and Bradshaw have good chemistry, and Hakushi looked good.

Dark Segment: Brian Pillman comes out to wander among the audience and yell at people individually.

Dark Match: Bart Gunn vs. HHH, Hunter goes over.

Dark Match: British Bulldog vs Stan Hansen, Bulldog goes over. Oh man, was this one for the Colliseum Home Video release. This was almost as good as the main events. They even brawled into the stands once or twice. Hansen was dog tired by the end, when Bulldog gave him the Running Powerslam for 3.

Dark segment: Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels & Mick Foley welcome everyone to the show in the hallowed halls of WWF’s home. Shawn talks about having what he considers the best match of his career right here in the Garden at Wrestlemania 10, and Foley talks about seeing the match that inspired him to be a wrestler right here, between Jimmy Snuka and Don Muraco.

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Elseworlds: 1996 WWF: January, Week 3, 1997

Not a hoax, not a dream, but definitely an imaginary story.

FMWFTW Usenet report posted:

Raw opens with Goldust and Taker in the ring. Goldust is already patting himself on the back saying that the tag titles are as good as his and come Rumble, he’ll finally get to have the Wrestlemania moment he’s always dreamed of. Jericho and Piper comes out to rebut as do Austin and HHH. All three teams stare each other down, doing nothing for the time being.

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Elseworlds: 1996 WWF: January, Week 2, 1997

Not a hoax, not a dream, but definitely an imaginary story.

DaltonBondFan3 Usenet Report posted:

Raw is in Texas tonight and we start off with Piper’s Pit! Roddy Piper is talking with Rick Martel, discussing the debacle that was the Christmas Raw’s IC Title match. “Jerry Lynn, you call yourself the real IC champion just because you can dig through garbage and have your squad of cheerleaders? And then you only defend it against actual cheerleaders? You can’t even be a good fake champion! Now, Piper, imagine how that belt could compliment my image…”

Chris Jericho then appears from behind the shadows! “Rick Martel, WOULD YOU PLEASE… SHUT… THE HELL… UP! It was my opportunity to win, and you took it away! Not just from me, from yourself as well! Did you forget that a title can’t change hands by DQ?” Martel and Jericho then brawl a bit until Austin’s music hits and he runs down to the ring with a mic in hand!
“Goddamn you sons of bitches, already forgetting about me! It was my title to begin with! I won it, fair and square! Hell, it would still be mine if that damn McMahon hadn’t taken it from me! And if you’re listening, where’s my title shot!” Jericho and Martel attack Austin for that, and all three get tangled up in a mess, all screaming about a title shot until the face of Vince McMahon appears on the TitanTron.
“Fellas, I get your plight just as much as you do. But we simply don’t have time for all three of you to challenge Jerry Lynn; he’s quite booked for a while. We do have one opening for a match, but you three will have to make a decision: either enter the Royal Rumble and have a chance for a WrestleMania shot at the WWF Title, or you can try to take the IC title from Lynn’s grasp. Pick one.”
Great promo to start off Raw where Austin, Martel and Jericho got to really shine.

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Elseworlds: 1996 WWF: The Slammies

Not a hoax, not a dream, but definitely an imaginary story.

AllOutOfBubblegum Usenet Report posted:

I got in a little early, and was able to catch a Mark Henry match, where he beat Sid. I guess they’re counting these for the streak, since a 12 popped up after the match.

After that, I stepped out for a trip to concessions, and I’m sure I picked a bad time, because when I got back, Bret Hart was walking to the back after a match. Figures, on a Canada show, I manage to miss Bret Hart.

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Elseworlds: 1996 WWF: Christmas Raw

Not a hoax, not a dream, but definitely an imaginary story.

FoleyFanatic Usenet report posted:

Oh holy night, I just got back from the Christmas Raw and it was a DOOZY!

To start off, Jimmy Hart and the LoV are backstage opening presents, with Jimmy wearing a red airbrushed jacked with white fur trim. Shamrock reacts in confusion when he realizes Hart has gotten them Christmas-themed entrance robes. He accepts graciously, but is obviously not impressed.

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Elseworlds: 1996 WWF: For Those Who Came In Late

Not a hoax, not a dream, but definitely an imaginary story.

As 1996 in WWF comes to a close, the WWF Writer’s Room has provided a handy timeline of the year that was in WWF.

April 1996: Shawn Michaels wins the WWF Title at Wrestlemania 12 in an hour-long Ironman match.

May 1996: Scott Hall and Kevin Nash leave the WWF, and jump to WCW. This is where the timelines diverge. Chris Jericho and Rocky Maivia debut. At the May Pay-Per-View, In Your House 8: Heartbroken, Goldust loses the Intercontinental Championship to Phatu after interference from the Undertaker. Phatu quickly loses it to Zip of the Bodydonnas afterward. Shawn Michaels defends the WWF Title against Mankind.
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Introducing Elseworlds: 1996 WWF

Not a hoax, not a dream, but definitely an imaginary story.

Imagine, if you will, a world with no D-Generation X. A world without the nWo. A world where Stone Cold Steve Austin never won the King Of The Ring and told the world just what Austin 3:16 says. A world where the WWF’s New Generation becomes something wilder, stranger, and just that little bit more extreme than the one we know. This is the world… of Elseworlds: 1996 WWF.

Late last year, on the Something Awful Forums, poster Little Mac began the 1996 TEW LP, using the popular wrestling management simulation game to pit two writing teams, one controlling WCW and one controlling WWF, in a Monday Night War for ratings supremacy. And we have fought well. Now, we bring the action of WWF to Nerdcenaries readers, starting with the holiday heat of Raw Is Christmas.
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