My Problem With Rick Remender


It started with Rick Remender’s UNCANNY AVENGERS #3. A clone of the Red Skull is using the power of Professor X to turn humans against mutants. As the Skull turned his power onto Thor to use the Thunder God’s Aryan features to inspire his new Reich, I realized that there were two other members of the Avengers with Aryan appeal: Havok and Captain America. Then remembered the rest of the team (Wolverine, Rogue, and Scarlet Witch) wouldn’t get kicked out of a country club either.

The Uncanny Avengers were all white, a dynamic not seen in an Avengers or X-Men comic since the 70’s.

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Comic Book Creator Profiles: Robert Kanigher

Robert Kanigher was an amazing guy, and if you’ve ever read a war comic, it was likely either written by him or directly inspired by his work. This is a guy whose¬†creations include Black Canary, The Haunted Tank. The Metal Men, Sgt. Rock and even Poison Ivy from Batman (you know, the character who makes up half of every female cosplay duo). The guy had runs on All-Star Western, Batman, Phantom Stranger, Wonder Woman and dozens of other books for long runs.

Sgt. Rock #362, Cover Art by Joe Kubert, Written by Robert Kanigher
Cover art by Joe Kubert

But that isn’t enough to just make him an interesting guy. No – Robert Kanigher is also a real life bad-ass of the highest degree.

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