Our Wonderful Staff

Here is a list of the contributors for Nerdcenaries in no particular order.
Luke Herr – Chief Editor
A Bachelor of Web Design holding person who isn’t as thrilled about doing web work as he used to be. Former comic shop jockey and comic reviewer. He now does on various nonpaying projects while looking for work that can pay the bills while living in Ohio.
Favorite Comic Character: Tom Strong
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Ziah Grace – Senior Contributor
Ziah Grace works at a comic shop and has seen Space Jam.
Favorite Comic Character: Atomic Robo
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Jon Hex – Senior Contributor
Jon is an avid comics fan and is also looking for revenge on the southern colonel that what branded his face.
Favorite Comic Character: Batman
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Niel Jacoby – Señor Contributor
Young dude who writes about comics and things and sometimes gets angry about them to a silly extent.
Favorite Comic Character: Tommy Monaghan
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Arielle Sorkin – Contributor
Arielle fights crime with the power of love. She is known to many people as “that weird girl with pink hair that loves cats and Batman,” so she is a little spiteful that Batman was already taken as a favorite character.
Favorite Character: Jessica Jones (also Batman)
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Darryl Ayo – Contributor
They call me Ayo. I make comics, talk comics, break comics down to particles. Build them back together and break them apart again. I have published at least one comic every year since 2002.
Favorite Comic Character: Feral
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Dominic Griffin – Contributor
Professional OG and necromancer, if you have he a question, he has an answer. May or may not be the Captain.
Favorite Comic Character: ?
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Jordan Neves – Contributor
He is some sort of tropical plant given sentience like a South American born Swamp Thing except that he is really really white.
Favorite Comic Character: ?
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Joe Hunter – Artist
Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god.
Favorite Comic Character: ?
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Jim Bizon – Artist
Sidekick to Dominic Griffin with training from the Shop. Former mercenary currently residing in Baton Rouge where he lives on a steamboat and Photoshops po’boys. Probably.
Favorite Comic Character: ?
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Spam Ultron – Columnist
Psychotic robot accidentally uploaded with 8 gigs of malware and phishing viruses. Currently seeks to gain employment by making money for spamming.
Favorite Comic Character: Mojo
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