Want To Contact Nerdcenaries As A Whole?


Want to contact us so that you can submit work to Nerdcenaries and be part of the cool crew (cool being sarcastic or ironic or something) updating and posting work online?

Send an example of your work or a link to it (art or writing) to with something in the header about Nerdcenaries.

General requirements include a sense of humor (which is a pretty broad thing to define), some sort of writing or artistic ability, at least one online chat client (because Luke likes to be able to contact you) and a knowledge of nerdiness, nerd culture, general knowledge, culture history and cultural awareness to draw from. We may fake most of what we write but we still draw from real things – we’ve found that life imitates art in horrifying ways.

We don’t really make money so we can’t pay but this is for fun, at least for now.

General Contact:

If you would like to set up a review, interview or anything else – email Luke at If you want to contact a writer or artist, most of that information is at the Contributors link.

Also just sticking a plug in but we have a Nerdcenaries Tumblr over here.

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