Costa Fuso Threatens To Open Up COBRA File

In a warning released by IDW (Inter Democratic Warriors), the small South American country of Costa Fuso has threatened to open up the COBRA file. The COBRA file, a collection of the evil plans created by the devious COBRA Commander that would theoretically allow the small island nation to take over the world if its demands are not met.

Alan Moore Brightness

I’ve been on an Alan Moore binge recently and I’ve been getting into his rough cuts – and that term is going to bother a lot of people because when I say rough cuts, I mean his non-DC Comics stuff. If you bring Moore up to the average non-comics reader he is the Watchmen guy or the Swamp Thing guy or sometimes the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen guy. And then they usually make a comment about him being angry, especially about Watchmen or the movies and that is why I am here to say Alan Moore is a fun guy. I am here to remind you that a guy who is famous about shooting Barbara Gordon, for having brutally real characters – he is a hilarious guy.

From Tom Strong, Illustrated by Chris Sprouse

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Holiday Tips #2

With Halloween coming up soon there’s tons of chracters that you can dress up as and some are easier than others! With this item can you guess which person you can dress up as with the simple application of feathers?


Panty Hose
Panty Hose


Yesterday’s Solution: Bwana Beast!