Operation Minicomic Kickstarter

Minicomics on Kickstarter?

I’ve done a few comics fundraisers on Kickstarter now. The first one – I lost money on it in the end. The second one – still in sort of limbo but was only barely – financially speaking successful. But with ERAS: Parrish, while it didn’t pull in as much money as I’d have liked – it got the formula down for The Tomb of Naomi which has been a success so far and that is an important thing!

To a degree all it takes to run a successful Kickstarter minicomic are three things; the ability to do math, the ability to make quality products and the ability to call in an audience who supports you. After the jump I’ll go into each part and talk about what worked for me.

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An Open Letter About A Better Justice League Movie

Dear Warner Brothers and people who want a better Justice League movie,

My name is Luke Herr and I am the editor here at Nerdcenaries. In my free time I also write comics and lead projects.

I’ve heard that you’ve had issues with the Justice League script and honestly, I can understand why. You have these big properties that you have movie rights to but everywhere you look, Marvel is leading the way. Avengers was huge and the setup films for it have also been hits. You guys have to throw your chips onto The Man of Steel and from the way it looks now, I have doubts about the movie.

So instead of doing a series of solo movies building up to a team film for the big Justice League members, you can squash that jazz. I brought on Ziah Grace and Peter Winsky and we developed a sure fire Justice League movie that will allow room for growth and excellent success.

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Fake Geek Girl Spotted In Seattle

The Fake Geek Girl, long suspected to exist but never seen, was photographed by an amateur cryptozoologist as the elusive Girl was leaving a Simon Helberg signing at Gold K Comics. Clad in what some witnesses believe was a Target Batman tee shirt and others a Wal-mart Avengers hoodie (though most agreed she had no idea when those were created), the mysterious community interloper allegedly gushed over Helberg’s show and how much she “appreciated it for making geek cool.” The Girl was said to have been “such a geek in school” and “really liked books and stuff.”

Max Rittlin, the cyrptozoologist who took the picture, did not speak to the Girl in question but had her pointed out to him by a friend who overheard other people talking about her. “I was like, “Yeah, right, no way she’s faking,” but my bro was all, “Man, she didn’t even know who Flash is.” So I took out my phone and copped the shot as fast as I could.”

Sharif Atwater, the manager at Gold K thinks the girl in the picture wasn’t the Fake Nerd Girl at all. “That looks like one of my regulars, but it’s too blurry. Anyway, everyone was having a good time. I don’t know why people are worried if she was really into comics.”

Whether the girl in the photograph was really the infamous Fake Nerd Girl can’t be 100% proven. But if she does exist, maybe she can answer the most important question her existence poses: How does her level of interest affect anyone else’s enjoyment?

SPX Weekend Fun Times

While I myself won’t be at the Small Press Expo this weekend, contributors to the site including Darryl Ayo, Jon Hex, Joe Hunter and friend of the site Phil Kahn will be there. Say “Hi” to them and ask them for the Nerdcenaries business cards which they don’t have… crap.

Also next week is our second theme week “My Own Brand of Justice (League)”! See you there! Because it will be on the Internet.

Announcing “My Own Brand Of Justice (League)”

In three weeks Nerdcenaries is doing a theme week – “My Own Brand Of Justice (League)” where it is essentially you get to pitch your Justice League team. Any members are open, you can change continuity within reason (keep true to the ideals of the character) – basically this is an Elseworld’s Justice League you’d like to see and write – even if it could never get published (my pitch lacks any of the classic team – even Justice League Detroit had Martian Manhunter!).

Would you be interested in submitting something? Drop a message in the mail with your email address and I’ll get in touch via that – don’t send your article via email!

Length? Enough to get the idea across! Three sentences might be enough depending on the length. A bad example would be: “The Flash is on the team. He can run really fast. Also he isn’t the old guy.” A better example would be “Jay Garrick, the original Flash is on the team as the moral support. He’s seen enough to know that good an evil can be a changing line and when it comes down to it, most people will do what’s right. Even so, he doesn’t trust Bumblebee because her powers remind him of an old villain.”

Art? If you want to do it with the article, go for it! If you want to do art for someone else’s article – go for it! If you want to hook up with a writer – let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Linkbacks? I’ll link to what you want on Nerdcenaries within reason. Links to three sites you contribute to is cool. Asking me to drop 50 links to various articles is a bit much.

Rejections? “Superman but he rapes puppies” “Wonder Woman as a man hating feminazi” are the types of stuff I’d probably reject – we aren’t DC editorial – we want interesting ideas and mature ones. Not immature ideas with adult content. I’ll let you know if there is an issue. And also if there are grammar or readability errors we’ll let you know.

Other Stuff? You don’t need familiarity with the universe, you don’t need to worry about canon, you don’t need to worry about having one character or another on the team. Make something that you’d like to see that feels different and remember – when in doubt don’t make Steve Trevor a character from Gears of War.

The Subtle Insanity of Grant Morrison’s Worlds

I’ve been reading a lot of Grant Morrison – All Star Superman, Doom Patrol and I’ll be working on reading everything else. Morrison has this great ability, almost comparable to Kirby, to just toss out these intensely understandable but dark ideas. I am currently reading through Doom Patrol and he’s had three otherworldly armies invade the planet with forces that man is not meant to deal with from the Scissor Men to the Cult of the Unwritten Book and probably more after that. (I know there are but I’ll avoid spoilers and I’m honestly in a rush to get an article for today.

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Marvel, Thunderbolts, Avengers and Integration

As much as I like the media, I don’t care about the Avengers or X-men or their battles. For me they exist in their other media, the cartoons I grew up with, the movies I watched and for the X-men the games I played (god I hated the Sega Genesis one where you started in the Savage Lands).

So when Avengers and X-men fight and the Axel Alonso talks about Marvel NOW changing the Avengers and the X-men, I’m not excited. When I see him talking about new costumes and new teams and these new starting points I’m not excited.
The last time I wanted to buy a Marvel comic was when I heard from Ziah about Thunderbolts.

Marvel Now Preview Image
Marvel Now Preview Image

Thunderbolts Spoilers Ahead under the fold along with business talk.
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Lady Action Stars on the Rise

Woah, woooah, did you guys know that The Avengers came out this last weekend? Of course you did. Which is why writing about anything that doesn’t involve the film wouldn’t be topical.

But I refuse to actually talk about the film, so let’s talk about Black Widow instead, and what her role means in the trending of female action heroes on the silver screen.

No wait, hear me out.

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At Least She Existed At All

So Helena Bertinelli died this week. You know, Huntress? (Of course you do.) World’s Finest issue #1 came out today, formally introducing us to Earth-2’s Helena Wayne, our current Huntress, and her buddy, Power Girl (who I’ll probably talk about next week). You can read the preview pages here.

Helena Wayne isn’t a new character by any stretch of the imagination, but steamrolling the beloved Ms.Bertinelli is upsetting, problematic, and yet understandable all rolled into one big mess of ugly, sniffley emotions.

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Show and Tell

One of the really cool things about comic books is that they’re a ~*visual storytelling medium*~. They’re really special! On the other hand, they still have to follow a lot of basic storytelling conventions, and sometimes…… Well sometimes there is a lack of communication or trust between a writer and his artist, and I get so frustrated by how obvious that is that I want to write “SHUT THE FUCK UP” all over that comic in red sharpie. I wouldn’t even be obstructing any art because it’s all covered by inner monolog thought boxes.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me preface this with some context:
One of the comic book stores I go to has a back room that sells Dollar Comics (essentially old single back issues that they sell for a dollar each; they’ve got all kinds of stuff, from old Liefeld junk to the 2009 Power Girl). I go back there practically every week to dig through all the 90’s junk, and sometimes I come up with things I actually want to read. (Sometimes I come away with thirty issues of Harley Quinn what happENED TO SELF CONTROL.) A week or so ago, I got two issues of Batgirl, issue #28 from the original Cass Cain run by Kelley Puckett, and issue #1 of the relaunched Cass Cain run by Adam Beechen. That information is important.

Keep in mind that I have no experience reading Cass Cain in print: what I know about her and her personality, I know from snippets of pages on the internet and lovingly written fan analysis. And that’s all good for drumming up interest, but I never felt possessed to find a trade. Her fans really seem to fall over themselves for Cass though, so when I had a chance to find out why, I took it.
So I own two issues of Batgirl. I read both in chronological succession and… Well, I had some thoughts on them.

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