Can There Be: Conservative X-men

Conservative X-men

The X-men are reflections of modern liberal ideas, namely the persecuted minority. They are persecuted for the way that they were born and that makes them an excellent metaphor for how race, gender and sexuality divide people. The idea is what makes the comic appeal to the outsider crowd and continues to build the series strong fanbase. Despite whatever stories may happen, the X-men as outsiders works naturally as they survive in a world that fears them. At least until you have one writer (Grant Morrison on New X-men) that attempts to unify the mutants into a cultural movement while also increasing the mutant population followed by an editorially mandated move (see House of M) that reduces the minority to an endangered species due to a mutant going crazy. The first part of the mutant cultural evolution was a great and realistic idea and the second part was inherently problematic and can be interpreted as some underlying fear about the acceptance of a growing minority.
But what if the X-men were redesigned as heroes of the Conservatives agenda? Could it work with one of these ideas that Republicans and Tea Partiers hold dear, say – gun rights, anti-abortion, small government, privatized healthcare or religious freedom? Can there be Conservative X-men?

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