The Breakouts: 1974

As 1974 draws to a close we remember some of the greatest moments of comics in the past year. We met a lot of new fresh characters who had pop and pizzaz in the comics world just like that hot young firebrand in the book Carrie. Pigs Blood! Here’s our top 5 characters from comics in the 1974 and we’ll even let you in on our choices so you don’t need to break into our hotel in Washington DC.

The Man Who Punishes
He’s different, he’s deadly and he works for a villain who wants Spider-man dead???? When the mysterious Jackal put a hit out on Spider-man, the Punisher chases expecting that the Punctual Peter Parker’s Persona is another pennythung pugilist. When he turns out to have been deceived though, the Jackal ends up in double trouble. Hopefully we can see both of these characters soon because nothing clones up the problems like two villains.

The King Of Comics created a late category winner with his Sandman, the protector of the Dream Dimension and this ain’t your fathers gassing sandman either. He fights, he bites and he’ll keep you up at night before putting you down like Ali knocked out George Foreman in the rumble in the jungle. Who knows what will happen in the future but hopefully it doesn’t become a dark and dream series about metaphysical gods and religion written by a dirty Brit.

When we gazed into the future with the return of Skylab, the Dread Emperor of Comics, Jack Kirby introduced us to a new beast the One Man Army Corps a robotic man with a mohawk and a righteous right hook and fury that will bring you shock similar to the shock discovered when the Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang was discovered. Communism! This series should run on forever despite what will kill it – what he call in the business effin newbs.

Iron Fist
While we had robots and punishers and gods, we also had the Iron Fist. No, it isn’t a fist like the one that killed the hominid Lucy, it is a martial artist fist with iron fists. He is like Iron Man but without the alcoholism and the metal parts that aren’t gloves. This is some new stuff like Flory’s Nobel prize winning thoughts on macromolecules.

And now we are done here, forget it buddy, it’s Chinatown.