Power Girl: Empower Me!

Power Girl means a lot to me, as a character and an icon. Not so much as a sex symbol, though, which I think she’s often reduced to. She’s so much more than a receptacle for fanboy lust. Mainstream comics do such casual disservice to female characters on a regular basis*, it hardly seems worth pointing out, but ten percent of the time, somebody will hire an artist/writer team that actually seems to know what they’re doing, and that makes all the difference.

Especially when you’re tackling a character like Power Girl. It’s too easy to fall into characterizing her as a walking, unironic boob gag, but she always has the potential to be a real hero and, dare I say it, empower women. (And I am a woman, and so…) I told you I had a personal investment in this, lemme back it up.

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Roughly, How To Make A Comic

Prophet #28 Cover
Prophet #28 Cover

Roughly, how to make a comic.
Prophet, no. 28
By Brandon Graham, Giannis Milonogiannis and Simon Roy
With: Joseph Bergin III, Ed Brisson
AND: Fil Barlow
Prophet (c) Rob Liefeld
Fotocomix (c) Fil Barkow

In the broadest terms, Brandon Graham is a writer of small moments. He concerns himself with the trees before the forest, the details before the big picture. This isn’t to disregard the complex architecture of the Prophet series, but to draw attention to the writer’s preoccupation.

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