Young Avengers and More With Ramon Villalobos

Nerdcenaries: Hello Ramon!
Ramon Villalobos: Hi.
Nerdcenaries: How are you doing?
Ramon Villalobos: I’m doing alright.
Nerdcenaries: Well, you got done with your What If: Age of Ultron issue and you are doing Young Avengers next but I think there was something else you had that came out recently. Am I mistaken?
Ramon Villalobos: Yeah a book called Abstract 3 that my friend Frank is inking for me, written by Seth Jacob.
Nerdcenaries: What is it about?
Ramon Villalobos: Well it’s about a group of superheroes called the Abstract 3 that have a reality warping crisis but I can’t really talk much about the plot.
Nerdcenaries: Ah. Well it has your art on it which is a solid selling point.
Ramon Villalobos: Haha thank you.
Nerdcenaries: Your style to me kind of seems like a Rafael Grampa crinkly-ness meets the sharp cleanliness of Mike Allred. Were either of them inspirations?
Ramon Villalobos: Definitely both of those guys are yeah. Probably Rafael Grampa is a little more apparent in my art. I like the really classy grit in his drawing. Allred I really like because he kind of has some of the quirky silver age stiffness that I really dig but it’s not as conscious of an influence as is Grampa.

from What If: Age of Ultron #2
from What If: Age of Ultron #2

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Princeless For All and More With Jeremy Whitley


Nerdcenaries: Hey Jeremy Whitley. I’m a big fan of Princeless but I wish there were a way I could get friends into the comic. Is there some way you could help out?
Jeremy: Absolutely! Right now we are getting ready to rerelease the original first issue of Princeless to comic stores. Better yet, we’re going to do it for $1. So, as long as your comic shop orders it, they can get a chance to try Princeless for only $1 and if they don’t have a comic shop, it’s exactly the same price on Comixology!
Nerdcenaries: Very nice!

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Interview with Beau Quijano

From The Lovers
From The Lovers

Nerdcenaries: Hello Beau Quijano, how is it going?
Beau Quijano: It’s going fine. Like this right?
Nerdcenaries: This works
Beau Quijano: Great
Nerdcenaries: So you’ve been posting comics on Tumblr for a while. Can you go over some of the comics you’ve done and what they’re about?
Beau Quijano: Uh, so makeoutpoint currently has a Luke Cage 2 pger I did for a Marvel Exhibition here in 2011, an unreleased manga project I took to SDCC with a group [and is the last time I do spec work LOL], the first chapter of my romcom spy-fi BS comic called The Lovers, and some fanart/etc for current/upcoming projects.

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Real Interviews: Olliver Kirby

N: So, could you explain who you are and what your job is for people that don’t already know?

OK: Well I’m Olliver Kirby. I’ve been him for as long as I can remember. I’ve been working various odd jobs in the entertainment industry for maybe five or six years now. I’m currently working as a junior editor for a Japanese manga licenser.

N: What are some of the titles you’ve translated?

OK: I don’t actually work as a translator since I know about as much Japanese as a squirrel would Klingon. I edit the horrible language from the translations so that it sounds more natural and actually like something that a human being would say. Normally this is a job that wouldn’t be required since it’s expected of the translators to be able to chose which wording would best fit the translation. The titles I work on though are not translated by English fluent translators and they give me the scripts which basically feel like they are ran through Google Translate. It is from that I build upon to change the broken English into a more fitting tone for the story.

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