The problem with Amethyst

So I actually made a file pertaining to Amethyst/Sword of Sorcery #0 as soon as I read it on Wednesday. But then later I saw Chris Sims had written (almost) exactly everything I wanted to say, and I felt alright about maybe not writing a post. But then this guy decided to prove how ignorant people can be, so now I’ve gotta address it.

On one hand, I’m thankful for jerks giving me writing opportunities I’m passionate about.

It took me a while to get past my initial rage (I quote, “I will pull this guy’s lungs out through his urethra”), but I think I’m calm enough to evaluate him objectively. After all, I don’t think he’s a bad guy. His heart seems to be in the right place, his head’s just wedged securely up his ass.

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My Own Brand of Justice League by Arielle Sorkin

Basically, I am a big fan of the DCAU Justice League. So it’s really hard for me not to say, “we should just make Justice League Unlimited the main continuity and be done with it. They did it. It’s done. Everyone break for coffee.”

Bruce Timm’s Justice League

But wow that’s simplistic and boring and probably only 97% truthful, so here’s what I want out of Justice League actually.

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Review: Smut Peddler

Smut Peddler is an anthology marketed as porn made “for women by women.” It’s sex-positive, woman-friendly, and sexuality inclusive. And while it was made with women in mind, it’s easily enjoyable for those of the male persuasion as well. (You know, like how the rest of the world makes everything for men, but ladies tend to enjoy it anyway?)

Illustration by Emily Carroll

Warning! Images below are pretty darn NSFW!

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Tom Kenny Isn’t Dead, Internet Is Still Gullible

Yesterday, a fake rumor concerning the supposed death of widely lauded and occasionally obnoxious voice actor, Tom Kenny (Adventure Time, Spongebob Squarepants, Batman: Brave and the Bold), was circulated with great vigor over Facebook and Twitter. Tom Kenny, who is presumably used to this shit, issued a declaration of the greatly exaggerated reports of his death.The Internet however continues to be a gullible collective that cannot be bothered to fact check anything, and get sad over stupid things for no reason. Read More

Know The Staff: Arielle Sorkin

This week we sat down for the long forgotten Know the Staff section with Arielle Sorkin.

N: Greetings Arielle Sorkin. How are you doing this evening?
AS: Thinking about gas money and stomach cramps, but otherwise in good spirits.
N: How did you get into comics?
AS: I was into manga for a long time, and then my buddy Ziah started to unceremoniously dump comics on me at every given chance. Eventually I started actually reading them.
N: What kind of manga were you into?
AS: My tastes have always been all over the map. I read a lot of Shonen Jump series like Reborn and Eyeshield 21, I still read Bleach. Generally comedy stuff too. I read some of the more mainstream “girly” stuff, but romance tended to bore me.

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Reviewicide Squad: Suicide Squad Issue #12

This cover is interesting to me, simply because it took me a few looks to figure out that fleshy, goo-ish blob is actually a person unmasking. I don’t know why their creative team chose to portray the unmasking in the form of sculpted ground meat, but it’s their decision, so who am I to question them.

Their tagline is incorrect, because to believe or not, I’d really have to care first.

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Reviewicide Squad: Suicide Squad Issue #11

Oy gevalt. So far in Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller’s characterization has been weak and pathetic, which has amounted to a major annoyance but not much more. This issue was CHARACTERIZATION BRUTALIZATION for our Waller, and baby, does it hurt.

In related news, I wish the covers would stop showcasing Harley so hard, especially since she’s no longer the focus after that terrible escapee arc.

If only this was accurate, and they actually were falling to their overdue demise. (And was that “UNfriendly skies” tagline really the best they could come up with? Read More

How to Wear a Nerd Shirt

So nerd shirts are pretty in fashion right now. So much so that it’s been a while since Hot Topic decided geek franchises are at least as profitable as music, if not more so.  So nerd shirts, everyone wears the latest popular whatever emblazoned across their breasts, and you’ll definitely buy it because hey, it’s that thing you like.

Which is pretty critical; I like nerd shirts. Some nerd shirts. I own quite a few, if I’m being honest. And while nerd shirts are simply one small part of the relatively new phenomenon of truly fashionable nerd fashion, they’re probably the most common part of it you’ll see. They’re half of Hot Topic, they’re the whole of We Love Fine, they’re on Think Geek, and they’re in your department stores. Not like you haven’t noticed.

But cutting to the chase, there are good nerd shirts, and there are bad nerd shirts. And disclaimer, there are totally people fashionable enough to make a bad nerd shirt fashionable, but it takes skill. Also disclaimer, buy whatever you want, nobody can tell you what to wear. (Although there are laws that can tell you that you have to wear something.)

What makes a bad nerd shirt? Well going to the absolute extreme on the negative spectrum, it’s like taking the words “DOCTOR WHO” and just planting it onto a black shirt.

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