Tom Kenny Isn’t Dead, Internet Is Still Gullible

Yesterday, a fake rumor concerning the supposed death of widely lauded and occasionally obnoxious voice actor, Tom Kenny (Adventure Time, Spongebob Squarepants, Batman: Brave and the Bold), was circulated with great vigor over Facebook and Twitter. Tom Kenny, who is presumably used to this shit, issued a declaration of the greatly exaggerated reports of his death.The Internet however continues to be a gullible collective that cannot be bothered to fact check anything, and get sad over stupid things for no reason.

Meanwhile, those of us who have any sense to make a quick Google search instead of taking the word of a laughably amateurish, low resolution graphic, may once more chuckle at the foolishness of our intellectual inferiors.
Until we see that goddamn graphic on our Facebook feed again and hey I know for a fact you know better than this.

One can only assume that the blind belief in the incompetent graphic is due to the torrents of tears spilling from fans’ eyes, literally blinding them and preventing proper blood circulation to the brain.

I don’t want to believe that we reached a cultural point where we simply accept everything we are given but it is hard to argue with that idea. For example, last week on Nerdcenaries there was a fake article about Blue Beetle and Booster Gold killing each other. It became incredibly popular to the point that the writer of Suicide Squad, the comic they were to die in, commented about the inaccuracy, mainly in that he doesn’t have a Twitter.

Still the most frustrating part about this is the fact that the article had a tag that reads “fake” on it and there were forums where it was pointed out and people still refused to notice it. Internet, get you shit together.

Arielle Sorkin

Generally nervous human being.