Congress To Vote On Secret Bill To Ban Continuity Discussions Online

Set for an early morning vote in the Senate is a bill proposed by Sen. John McCain (R) to ban discussions of comic book continuity in online forums and social media sites. The bill comes hot on the heels of DC Comics massive reboot of all it’s current titles just last September. Readers almost immediately flooded sites with questions and complaints about how the reboot affected DC’s established continuity. DC has yet to fully establish a continuity for the books, with some books following past storylines while others ignore them completely.
“DC Comics is a well-established American company and we can’t let these online agitators derail DC’s success,“ McCain remarked when he massive volume of continuity bickering caused a disruption of internet service in 14 states. If the bill should pass, anyone found discussing past storylines in any context but review will be banned from Internet use for a month for the first offense and greater penalties for repeat offenders. A person caught more than three times could be subject to a lifetime ban from commenting on the internet.