Did I ever tell you why I love Kate Bishop? Hawkeye #2 Review


Hawkeye #2 Cover
“Vagabond Code”
Hawkeye, no. 2
By Matt Fraction & David Aja
With Matt Hollingsworth
Marvel Entertainment, Nov. 2012
The stakes rise. Slowly. Not enough to wake its sleeping partner from its dreamy bliss. But the stakes rise. In “Lucky,” the first  “Clint Barton Hawkeye Adventure,” Matt Fraction and David Aja introduce the titular character in a story so relaxed that it ran a danger of underwhelming the superhero audience. A quick search around the discussion blogs showed me that by and large, the audience was on board with it. “This is what he [Clint Barton] does when he’s not being an Avenger.” It was a simple hook that fits right in the groove of a certain genre of pop-action stories.

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Roughly, How To Make A Comic

Prophet #28 Cover
Prophet #28 Cover

Roughly, how to make a comic.
Prophet, no. 28
By Brandon Graham, Giannis Milonogiannis and Simon Roy
With: Joseph Bergin III, Ed Brisson
AND: Fil Barlow
Prophet (c) Rob Liefeld
Fotocomix (c) Fil Barkow

In the broadest terms, Brandon Graham is a writer of small moments. He concerns himself with the trees before the forest, the details before the big picture. This isn’t to disregard the complex architecture of the Prophet series, but to draw attention to the writer’s preoccupation.

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