Thing Of The Week – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up in a little over a week for most American families. I am not sure if other countries have weird thanksgivings but they aren’t as politically loving to the U.S. of A. as we are in America.
Due to weird family things though (my brother leaves to go teaching) this weekend so we celebrated Thanksgiving early. It’s a weird thing being in as non-consumerist location as I am in right now as well. The place I live is in a real salt of the earth place and most families aren’t interested in early Black Friday shopping, no signs of Christmas ads and so having Thanksgiving before Thanksgiving episodes of TV come on it is weird to step back and see how our holiday spirit is manufactured a lot by what we see and do creating this fake spirit.
That said with early Thanksgiving, help from the worst webcomic LBFA’s Chris Haley and Dylan Todd Ping-o-Ween and even more family time, I can say that I’ve been feeling a truer holiday spirit this year.
No jokes, just some truth.
Look forward to your holiday, cut back on the consumerism and spend time with your family – those people you love.