Vixen – A TV Pitch Part 2

Writing multiple episode synopsis has proven to be tiring work so the rest of this week will be a continuation of the pitches for the Vixen series. Here are the first 7 episodes.

1 – Pilot – After a long night of partying for her 25th birthday, Mari McCabe comes home to find a package from her long thought to be dead mother. Mari discovers the legacy of her mother and the power of the Tantu totem that allows the user to access animal powers. Mari also learns that her mother had to abandon her family to keep watch as the guardian of the Red and to protect her family. Mari rejects this fate for herself, not believing in the power but still taking the necklace with her. When she ends up seeing a thug breaking into her neighbor’s apartment, she tries to stop him, only to be surrounded by another group of thieves. The power of the totem kicks in and in a fit of animalistic fury, Mari defeats the thieves realizing the power of the totem. Unsure of whether or not she wants to follow the legacy, Mari puts the box away, unaware that a mysterious stranger has been watching her the entire time.

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