The Gutters Is Generally Horrible

The Gutters is a comic written by comics fan and creator Ryan Sohmer that attempts to address current comic news and events. There is nothing wrong with this in and of itself, but ultimately Sohmer often seems confused with what the issue actual is failing both discerning readers and… well everyone who unfortunately chooses to read The Gutters.

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Legitimate and Illegitimate Criticism and Responses

Criticism falls into two categories, legitimate and illegitimate criticism. A legitimate concern is the airplane not having wings. An illegitimate criticism is the airplane not having a cool looking tail stripe. Being able to pick out between the two is important and sometimes what is legitimate and what is not is not easy to define. One person’s racial concerns over the depiction of a character might not be a legitimate issue to everyone.

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Attack The Sites – Image

Image Comics Screenshot

When I’m not busy creating a website of fake comics news coupled with real interviews and discussions of the comic market, I do work as a web designer while looking for work as a full time web designer.
The other night friend of the site Dylan Todd was complaining about the Image Comics website. I looked and I saw the issue immediately – for one thing almost nothing besides the title and the images say “comics.”
It looks more like a news site or a blog and that really don’t work. I mean when I see a website about comics make it say comics. Make the file match function. If there were separate pages for each series that were themed differently that would be good but there isn’t. The most they have for each page is an archive of each link with the Diamond order number and the originally planned release date (which is hilarious for Orc Stain which hasn’t released a new issue for months – what was supposed to be released in June is coming out in December – Image has nothing about that).
And disregarding the whole comic facts – the site is incredibly boring and considering ComiXology made the site – why does Image not have a site that looks more up to date like ComiXology (though ComiXology also needs a few changes in regards to the Nav buttons).
Perhaps more annoying is the fact that the site doesn’t sell print comics through itself – at least sell your own physical trades! I understand you have a deal with Diamond but the deal is a horrible idea considering the shift in the market. You could make more money directly selling through the site or at least link to a location where we can buy your print comics without needing to order them.
And just a general tip – if you are going to make a dropdown menu with colored buttons make the colors match and make them all drop down vertically, not horizontally.

Next week I attack DC’s Pale White Ghost of a Site.