Graceland 11/21/12

This week, Ziah gives out awards to each comic totally unlike that other place that won awards and is super great. Anyway, Ziah did this because there were a lot of great things out this week, and he didn’t want to only give a best award. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Except turkeys. I guess it’s kind of an unfortunate holiday.

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Brian Michael Bendis To Personally End Avengers

Brian Michael Bendis vowed today to personally end the Avengers in a public announcement. Bendis who has penned the classic Marvel team for the past decades though vowed to personally destroy the characters for all eternity.
“Yaarrrr, I be keelhauling thar asses to Davy Jone’s locker and it ain’t no blarney majhones. The Avengarrrrrrrs shall meet the wrath of Bendis man.”
Bendis according to his speech plans to globally incept the entire country and kill the characters.
After finishing his speech he high fived the ghost of Jack Kirby and then jumped onto his pirate ship.

Marvel, Bendis To Release “Avengers Disassembled” As 2013 Event

Marvel Comics released a statement today announcing that the intended crossover event for summer 2013 will be 2004’s Avengers Disassembled. Fans of the Avengers may remember “Disassembled” as the first story arc of Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis.

“I felt as though everything was building to a breakup of the group, a complete teardown to build something new,” Bendis remarked in the release. “The fact that I had already done it before didn’t occur to me until recently, so f*ck it, let’s just release it again.”

Since the original publication, most of the characters and locations that were killed or destroyed in the series have been restored, so the book will be released as is with only an update to the publication date. The 2013 release will serve as the jumping on point for future Avengers stories.

“Many of our readers have expressed a fatigue with events, it said in Marvel’s statement. “So we figured that giving them something familiar will ease them back into it.”