Marvel Season One: Spider-man and The Avengers

I haven’t touched a lot of the old school comics before when it comes to Marvel and DC (and those I’ve read are because of SuperMOOC). So when the opportunity came via the library system to check out the Marvel Season One books – the updated origin graphic novels retelling the origin stories of some of the better known heroes I was game.
I really picked up the titles in order of interested and was able to touch the first few pretty quickly so the reviews are in that order as opposed to some kind of chronological one. This time I checked out Spider-man and The Avengers.

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Marvel, Thunderbolts, Avengers and Integration

As much as I like the media, I don’t care about the Avengers or X-men or their battles. For me they exist in their other media, the cartoons I grew up with, the movies I watched and for the X-men the games I played (god I hated the Sega Genesis one where you started in the Savage Lands).

So when Avengers and X-men fight and the Axel Alonso talks about Marvel NOW changing the Avengers and the X-men, I’m not excited. When I see him talking about new costumes and new teams and these new starting points I’m not excited.
The last time I wanted to buy a Marvel comic was when I heard from Ziah about Thunderbolts.

Marvel Now Preview Image
Marvel Now Preview Image

Thunderbolts Spoilers Ahead under the fold along with business talk.
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Lady Action Stars on the Rise

Woah, woooah, did you guys know that The Avengers came out this last weekend? Of course you did. Which is why writing about anything that doesn’t involve the film wouldn’t be topical.

But I refuse to actually talk about the film, so let’s talk about Black Widow instead, and what her role means in the trending of female action heroes on the silver screen.

No wait, hear me out.

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Marvel To Debut New Superteam – The Bureaucracy Avengers

Set for a July release is the new series from Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Lark, The Bureaucracy Avengers, a team of Avengers dedicated to solving the myriad legal, financial and assorted documentation troubles of superheroes, their relatives and friends. Headed by psychiatrist Doc Samson, the team includes attorney She-Hulk, accountant Iceman, computer expert Cypher, social worker the Falcon, and mystical consultant Jennifer Kale.

“We are committed to realism at Marvel Comics and to that end we are going to showcase the people who handle the minutiae of superhero life,” explained Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso. “Everyone knows that sometimes characters die, but what happens when that character comes back to life? Who backdates those W-2s? Who wipes out those obits from news servers? You’re about to meet the people who dot the i’s and cross the t’s.”

The team members are headquartered on the sixteenth floor of the reconstructed Avengers Tower, where in a hi tech facility they analyze the problems of their “clients,” superheroes in need of some professional advice. “This isn’t just a talking heads book,” says Bendis. “We’ll have them filling out forms, working at computer terminals, and researching law journals. It’s really in depth, real steeped in the real world.

“I want everyone to be clear that this is exactly the kind of book I’ve been building to. Gritty and tense. The battles are over. Now it’s time to go to work. Paperwork.”

“To be able to work with these larger than life characters and show how they would interact with the mundane aspects of life, it’s something of a treat for me.” Lark, whose work credits include Terminal City, Daredevil, Captain America, and Gotham Central, has worked with Bendis in the past and knows what the New Avengers scribe is looking for in an artist. “I sent Brian the first page, and said it was “like reading a work manual.” I knew he was happy.”

Alonso is very confidant the series will take off. “David Mamet is in talks to create series for HBO.”

Brian Michael Bendis To Personally End Avengers

Brian Michael Bendis vowed today to personally end the Avengers in a public announcement. Bendis who has penned the classic Marvel team for the past decades though vowed to personally destroy the characters for all eternity.
“Yaarrrr, I be keelhauling thar asses to Davy Jone’s locker and it ain’t no blarney majhones. The Avengarrrrrrrs shall meet the wrath of Bendis man.”
Bendis according to his speech plans to globally incept the entire country and kill the characters.
After finishing his speech he high fived the ghost of Jack Kirby and then jumped onto his pirate ship.

Thing Of The Week: Avengers: EMH Prisons

I’m a fan of cartoons and if they are on Netflix Instant I’ll sure as hell watch them especially as I do work around the house. Currently I’ve started rewatching Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with my sister and I love that every character more or less has their own role to play, each episode tells a fun story and that it is a pretty politically mixed show – just look at the prisons.
If you look at the politics of prisons in the very first non-origin episode we see the three main public prisons of the universe – The Cube, The Big House and The Vault as well as the secret prison – the Raft each with their own ideal and reason.
The Cube stands as the prison for the gamma created and powered villains and is secretly this lab for reverse engineering the gamma villains (as well as the Hulk to create more) as part of the military industrial complex.
The Big House run by my favorite character Hank Pym is the reform prison where Pym shrinks down villains to keep them at a lower cost and to make them less dangerous. Also he totally has tiny Ultrons guarding the prison but it is nice to see Pym attempting to reform the criminals even though they are motivated by greed and generally aren’t the types of criminals who would respond though Pym is undeterred.
The Vault is the generic prison housing the bad guys who the public can know about, who aren’t major threats. It’s the standard government run prison with no ulterior methods to it.
And then you have the Raft which is the super secret Gitmo prison holding Alan Moore Graviton and because it was a secret it causes massive amounts of damage when you hold the most dangerous villain drugged inside New York City.
What is ultimately pointed out though is that privately run prisons and prisons that don’t attempt to reform in the correct ways fail.
Well, that’s not completely right but it is interesting seeing this variety of ideals in a show directed at children.

Marvel, Bendis To Release “Avengers Disassembled” As 2013 Event

Marvel Comics released a statement today announcing that the intended crossover event for summer 2013 will be 2004’s Avengers Disassembled. Fans of the Avengers may remember “Disassembled” as the first story arc of Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis.

“I felt as though everything was building to a breakup of the group, a complete teardown to build something new,” Bendis remarked in the release. “The fact that I had already done it before didn’t occur to me until recently, so f*ck it, let’s just release it again.”

Since the original publication, most of the characters and locations that were killed or destroyed in the series have been restored, so the book will be released as is with only an update to the publication date. The 2013 release will serve as the jumping on point for future Avengers stories.

“Many of our readers have expressed a fatigue with events, it said in Marvel’s statement. “So we figured that giving them something familiar will ease them back into it.”