Vixen – A TV Pitch Part 1

So the CW has had reasonable success with Arrow but the show ultimately lacks some of the more exotic nature of the rest of the DC Comics universe. That is why I am pitching a Vixen series – Vixen being the superpowered supermodel who can use the powers of any animals. Using the CW three part formula – pretty people + supernatural stuff + real life problems, I think I have a winning series pitch. After the jump is the loose pitch and then a list of characters and tomorrow I’ll post the loose season 1 episode outlines.

Mari McCabe has been running from her past. Her mother vanished after she was born. Her father was killed by a militia that attacked her village. Since then, Mari has vanished into Gateway City where she lives as a model and a socialite, a light and empty life where everything is ephemeral.

And then a package arrives at her door and a legacy along with it. Her mother Jeanne has sent her the Tantu totem, an ancient artifact that imbues the user with the spirits of the Red, a force connecting the living animals of the world together, that allows the user to harness the abilities of any living creature on the Earth. Jeanne had become a protector and was forced to abandon her family when the world needed her and now Mari must answer the call.

As Mari learns to use the totem, she is drawn into a war against the Rot as her own past starts to reappear. Meanwhile, others have come seeking her totem, some as friends wishing to assist her and others as allies.

The story focus on the idea of legacies and this connection or disconnection from nature.


There is a lack of diversity in comics already so having a black main character for me isn’t enough. The series has some actual diversity but more important than that as far as long term planning goes, the series has spots for a lot of B and C listers and could easily work as a launching point for other series. The characters aren’t in any specific order.

Mari McCabe aka Vixen – she’s been living a good life as far as society is concerned but ultimately isn’t happy with her work, only with the rewards. She’s suppressing her past and hiding her true identity which isn’t helping since she is close to getting a drinking problem. When she finds out about the legacy from the totem, she realizes there is something better she needs to do and she starts fighting crime as the Vixen. Here she proves to be a brave leader but has issues trying to keep up her ruse for a life she no longer enjoys. While wearing the totem she has the ability to call on the powers of animals, fuse with their spirits and to grow claws.

Ben Turner aka Bronze Tiger – a martial artist turned street vigilante after his son was killed in front of him. He’s out trying to launch a one man war to clean up the streets but while trying to ignore the fact that one man is limited in what he can do. While he fights his relationship with his wife is decaying, which isn’t helped by the loss of his son which he hasn’t come to grips with. He is loud and boisterous and enjoys yelling out the names of his attacks, partially because of how his son’s heroes acted. He serves as a parental figure to Mari but can end up treating her like a child.

Mike Maxwell – Former naturalist who returned home to his wealth, Maxwell has a romantic interest in Mari. When he ends up accidentally swallowing her totem during a drunken dare. Mike is a pretty superficial playboy who ended up spending most of his time as a naturalist living in luxury. When he develops powers after swallowing and then getting the totem removed, he uses this as a wakeup call. He has the power to merge animals and has animal senses, though he feels really bad about using the merging power and stays away from being a hero for the time being. He serves as a love interest.

Virgil Hawkins aka Static – Former teen superhero turned public icon, Virgil Hawkins is a public hero who has eschewed the celebrity life he could have. As one of the people who Mari turns to for advice, he is slightly ashamed of the fact that she is being hesitant about being a hero – forgetting about some of the difficulties he had early on. Mari has some romantic interest in Virgil but he isn’t interested in her since he has dedicated his life to being a hero. Virgil has the power to generate and control electricity. He serves as a mix of mentor and love interest.

Karen Beecher aka BumblebeeĀ  – Mari’s best friend who helped to take care of her when she first moved to the United States. Karen’s family is wealthy, partially from her mother’s role in Middle Eastern politics, but Karen has always ended up separated from her own family – unaware that her mother is the supervillain Queen Bee. Karen is caring and compassionate to Mari and is pushing her to stop modeling – Karen herself modeled for fun until a friend lost her modeling job for putting on too much muscle. Karen supports Mari’s heroing and joins her as Bumblebee when she stumbles onto a set of battlegear that was designed for her mother.

Vivian D’Aramis – Runs and owns the D’Aramis Modeling Agency where Mari works. She is a no nonsense woman who is happy to fill in for any model who won’t come in on time. She places work above all though she will lend an open ear to those who need it. She realizes Mari is unhappy with her work and ultimately pushes her out of the agency by giving her worse and worse jobs till she quits.

Renee Montoya aka The Question – Police detective and super hero liaison for the city, during the day Montoya works a desk job as a bureaucrat pushing papers around and trying to prevent any more illegal super heroes from getting licenses. She hates her job. At night, she acts as The Question, a quasi coordinating force for the heroes inside Gateway City. Montoya keeps the heroes away from her as a way to allow her freedom to do both jobs though most heroes have easily figured out that Montoya and The Question are one in the same.

Jenna Raleigh aka the Red Bee – Granddaughter of the original Red Bee who has become completely delusional, Jenna spends her time trying to become a legal hero while carrying on distant romance with The Question, though she is unaware that Montoya and The Question are one and the same. She is more of a comedic role, a recurring background character who occasionally stumbles onto something big that keeps up her interest in being a super hero.

Ted Grant aka Wildcat – Former superhero from a bygone era who spends most of the time in his old gym. He serves as a personal trainer to people who will pay and this ends up including Mari when she decides to start working out once she stops modeling. Grant mostly wishes he’d had time to start up a family while he was younger.

Jack Knight – Runs a curio/thrift shop and is connected to most of the news in Gateway City. His father isn’t happy that Jack didn’t take up the Starman legacy. Jack is a friend of Mari and Karenm who he is interested in.

Buddy Baker aka Animal Man – He’s a family man who mostly left the superhero business. Mari ends up seeking him out so see if there are connections between their powers and ultimately he is the person who gave up being a hero to raise a family and to protect his loved ones.

Roland Daggett – Runs Daggett Industrial. Businessman with connections to crime within the city. Sees the heroes of Gateway City as a threat and plans to kill them off by whatever means necessary. Frequently backstabs those who betray him. Major villain for the first season.

The Auctioneer – Seemingly human trafficker who captures heroes and sells their technology to the highest bidder.

Dollmaker – Former toymaker who has started to work selling full body plastic treatments to models that leave them looking young forever but if they can’t pay, he cuts off their supply of drugs needed to stay mobile.

Nathan Prince aka Copperhead – Assassin and thief hired by Daggett. Uses his poison to take down enemies.

Jason Woodrue aka Floronic Man – Former chemist who is transformed into a living plant-human hybrid. His powers cause him to try and take root over a skyscraper where Mari is attending a party.

Circe – The one from mythology. She’s out to cause trouble in the world and seeks entertainment from using her magical powers to turn people into animals if they succumb to animalistic desires.

Mark Kull – Immortal caveman turned investor and collector of artifacts. Help to finance the attack on Mari’s village when she was younger as he wanted the Tantu totem.

Magpie – Thief who leaves small bird statues at the scenes of her crimes.

Simone Beecher aka Queen Bee – Master level government manipulator and mother of Karen Beecher. Spends most of her time overseas keeping a distance from her daughter whom she is protective of.

Weasel – Small time criminal who frequently escapes the superheroes due to one thing or another.

Come back tomorrow for part 2 – the 12 episode season guide.

Luke Herr

Luke is a writer and an aspiring professional comic writer who is also the editor in chief of Nerdcenaries. He currently is working on a graphic novel called Prison Spaceship.