Tyler The Creator To Star In ROCKET RACER

Rocket RacerTyler The Creator

Marvel Films has tapped rapper/producer Tyler The Creator to star in its ROCKET RACER film.. GOSSIP GIRL creator Josh Schwartz turned in a draft of the screenplay early last year, but it appears that controversial filmmaker Harmony Korine will be sitting in the director’s chair and closes source to the production confirm that he will be rewriting the project from page one.

“I’ve always been a Rocket Racer fan,” Korine, writer of indie classic KIDS recently said to MTV Splash Page. “He’s a technicolor minstrel…on wheels.”

Tyler, on the other hand, doesn’t share quite the same afffinity.

“All I know is I’ma be a f***ing superhero. When I was younger, I always wanted a f***ing rocket powered skateboard, and now I’ve got one. S**t is gonna be bananas.” Tyler shared with us, before unconsciously pantomiming the keyboard chords from Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl.”

When we explained more of Rocket Racer’s origin and asked how Tyler felt about working on a green screen, he insisted the film was going to eschew CGI altogether.

“I don’t think you understand. I HAVE A F***ING ROCKET POWERED SKATEBOARD. They made me one. It’s f***ing real. I used that s**t to go to Randy’s donuts today. S**t is f**ing insane.”

James Franco is in talks to play a supporting role, marking his return to the Marvel universe. When approached for comment, he blew marijuana spoke in our faces and talked about Allen Ginsberg for forty five minutes.

Early word is that Tyler has already contributed songs to the film’s soundtrack and is eager to work with legendary Disney composer Alan Mencken on an eventual AVENGERS sequel.
“The Little Mermaid is my absolute S**T! I got my first boner from Arielle. F**k T-Pain, I’ll f**k ten mermaids.”

ROCKET RACER is scheduled to hit theaters in 2013.