The Avengers Return to TV

(Originally this was supposed to run a while ago)
Airing this Sunday at 11 will be the one-hour premiere of Disney’s new Avengers television program Marvel’s Avengers Assemble.  The look and lineup of the series will be very familiar to those who have read the Avengers Assemble ongoing series.  Both the look of the series and cartoon are to capitalize off the popularity of the hit Avengers film from last year with the lineup consisting of the six members of the film with the addition of the Falcon.

The choice to make this series was a bit controversial with fans myself included because in order for its existence the previous Avengers cartoon Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was cancelled in its place.  However I have seen the first part of the one-hour pilot and I now believe this show can match the success of its predecessor.  It seems to be a continuation of the past series rather than an outright reboot.  The story first starts with a story-arc that will be very familiar to many of you which is the Death of Captain America and Captain America: Reborn.  While I do enjoy the current lineup of characters I truly hope that they expand it much like they did in the previous series.  These cartoons are the perfect way to generate more awareness for lesser-known characters to a mainstream audience such as Black Panther and Ms. Marvel who were quite prominent members of the previous series lineup.  The voice acting is all top of the line with Captain America sounding the best he ever has though I will say I feel like Eric Loomis was the best voice actor for Tony Stark in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  The first half of this pilot did end in a “dramatic cliffhanger” making me intrigued as to where the story will progress from there and I think Marvel has created another well made animated series.  I highly recommend you check out the pilot this weekend or at the very least DVR it because we all know we will be watching Arrested Development season 4 instead.