X-Factor Struggles To Woo Viewers

X-Factor Judges
X-Factor Judges Guido Carosella, Jamie Madrox, Monet St. Croix and Layla Miller. Photo by Flynn Nicholls.

After the first 5 rounds of eliminations, things are really starting to heat up on X-Factor, the new show financed by Jamie Madrox.

“Oh the show is finally picking up speed like I expected it to. People are realizing that Jamie Madrox was the key to X-terminators and without me, the show is falling apart.”

Of course ratings tell another story.  CBR’s X-Factor, a spin off of the similar mutant singing competition NBS’s X-terminators, is doing weak compared to its competition. The first episode of X-Factor ended up 22nd that evening trailing behind several post-syndication series while X-terminators held it’s #4 spot in the ratings. X-terminators which ran for 8 years in Europe prior to it’s American release 8 years ago is still going strong. X-factor which originally aired in England as a clone of X-factors only surpassed X-terminators in viewers after the controversial murder of the entire team of X-terminators hosts.

When interviewed about the X-Factor, Jamie Madrox, host and creator of the series X-terminators had this to say: “Well of course X-terminators is still doing great. We have the name the Americans recognize, we are the show they grew up with! And look! Things are even the same across the pond, as they say. The truth is that Jamie Madrox is the key to locking down the X-terminators success and no clone is going to prove otherwise.”

Of course considering both shows are hosted by Jamie Madrox so the entire situation is slightly confusing. Madrox, a mutant with the power to create clones of himself, originally used a large portion of government money to found the X-terminators, a BBC2 television show in which mutants could preform on television in a musical competition to build up support for pro-mutant relations. After 8 years of ratings success and 12 other global versions, Madrox transferred the show to the United States where it took off.

After a recent car accident though, the newest Jamie Madrox decided he wanted a new start free from the over-corporatized version or in his own words:

“We sat there every night with Coca Cola glasses on the table singing pop songs that everyone has heard before. Why not break free from those overly commercial bonds. A bit more Bowie, introduce listeners to new musicians.”

Madrox had no comment in regard to the sponsorship deal made with Doctor Thunder at the beginning of the season.

Joining Madrox on X-Factor has been previous collaborators Guido Carosella, Monet St.Croix and Layla Miller.

Carosella, popularly known as Strong Guy commented “Oh man, this show has been a blast. It’s just wonderful to see all of this support flowing towards these young mutants. God bless you all.”

“Really I think with this wonderful team of judges and me’s around here, X-factor is going to start getting the appreciation it deserves,” commented Madrox. “And if not, I’ve got some new plans to turn everything around.”