Jason Aaron Is A Monster For Making Me Care About Wolverine

[Spoilers Ahead For Jason Aaron’s Wolverine Run]

I grew up around Wolverine and was never a super big fan of him. My friends liked him on the X-men but it was that Sega Genesis game that made me not care for him.

X-men Game Cover
I only beat the game on easy. Damn you fake Apocalypse in the Danger Room!

In a game where you got to choose between Wolverine, Gambit, Cyclops and Nightcrawler he was the weak choice. He was the guy who you had to take risks to use. He was the guy who hurt himself when he used his power. He didn’t do awesome kicks and teleport around. He didn’t get to throw cards and use a staff. Even Scott Summers had his optic blasts – but Wolverine you had to run in there. You had to risk everything and punch guys and you had to hide to heal to punch more. That game made me like Gambit and that is a pretty astounding task – though I always liked Nightcrawler the most before.

Thank you Tumblr for the wide variety of X-men gifs I have saved up again

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