Pitch Week – Sector 2813: Krypton

One of those weird tidbits of information lost to time is that Krypton could have been saved by sunglasses. According to some of the canon the Green Lantern Tomar-Re was going to save Krypton with a giant rock that would cure the exploding core of the planet but a solar flare temporarily blinded him.
Now there are so many problems with this I mean the Green Lanterns seem to face suns all of time. That’s part of the whole space travel thing. What about if there was another Green Lantern who was there at the time like Rot Lop Fan, the blind Green Lantern? What if Tomar Re was wearing Tomar Raybans? What if the energy shield blocked the blinding light or what if Tomar took another path.
However it happens though and how is unimportant – Krypton is saved from the brink of destruction by outsiders, the people that Krypton has been unable to trust. The cultural and scientific mecca is suddenly open to the galaxy to expand and share. The Kryptonians decide to spread out once more. (I mean the only reason they stopped exploring is that they blew up the moon on accident which is honestly very horribly stupid. I mean how do you blow up the moon when you try and send a rocket and why would you give up? I mean did those people die for nothing and how would you even get people to the moon before without space travel.)
Soon the Green Lanterns and the Kryptonians eventually make peace and because the Kryptonians have no powers naturally minus their intellect and health (i.e. extended lifespan), they join the Green Lantern Corp and the newest recruit when we join in is Kal-El the defender of will, honor and knowledge – the new ideals of Krypton.
Unfortunately not all Kryptonians are as welcome to the changes brought on by the Green Lantern’s growing influence including General Zod, formerly chief weapon design. Zod begins a fear mongering campaign against the Lanterns but when his actions lead to the murder of a visiting Oan delegate, Zod and his followers are banished to the Anti-Matter Universe.
Meanwhile Kal-El begins his service serving the 2814th Quadrant taking over for a retiring Abin Sur. Superman becomes a symbol of the Kryptonian ideas and helps to expand Earth’s contact with space.
Zod meanwhile meets with the Weaponers of Qward, a race banished by the Oans who promise Zod a weapon to harness that fear that he has and creates giving him the yellow ring of fear which is shared with his followers. They soon escape and begin reactivating the exploding core that had brought the Green Lanterns there in the first place. An emergency signal is sent out to the Green Lanterns but it is too late and Kal-El arrives to see his planet destroyed. Powered by a will for justice and his new powers from Earth’s sun, Superman and the Corps are able to capture a majority of the Zod Corp for the time being though Zod escapes.
After suffering the loss of his home and his friends, Kal-El pledges to keep the legacy of his planet going as a Green Lantern and Kal-El and returns to Earth, serving as the defender of the sector.

As for creators I’d love to be the writer and I’d want someone like Frazer Irving on the art.