Thwipster Continues Holding Money Hostage

For the past 8 months the radical Nerdy group Thwipster has been holding thousands of dollars hostage. The website, an offshoot of the group Motherlandm another radical Nerdy group has been offering dangerous deals on products such as “Fables”, “Walking Dead” and other such things that are likely drugs based on their addictive nature.
The recent act of making long term sales offers is the newest plan offering something that can be invested in that won’t disappear in a day. When coupled with other schemes, Thwipster is a truly dangerous force.
“I want to just come home, get online and not worry that my money will disappear,” said Thwipster target Nathan McKinnson. “I was just surfing the net and then I found out that I’d ordered the entire set of Transmetropolitan for over 50% off. I had 500 dollars I was going to put in the bank, now Thwipster has it, I keep watching to see if they’ll put up something I need. It’s just…horrible.”
McKinnson’s stories echo those of other people, surprised by the outrageous deals on merchandise that Thwipster offers.
It is currently unknown what demands the organization has but he can be assured they won’t be stopping soon.