How to Wear a Nerd Shirt

So nerd shirts are pretty in fashion right now. So much so that it’s been a while since Hot Topic decided geek franchises are at least as profitable as music, if not more so.  So nerd shirts, everyone wears the latest popular whatever emblazoned across their breasts, and you’ll definitely buy it because hey, it’s that thing you like.

Which is pretty critical; I like nerd shirts. Some nerd shirts. I own quite a few, if I’m being honest. And while nerd shirts are simply one small part of the relatively new phenomenon of truly fashionable nerd fashion, they’re probably the most common part of it you’ll see. They’re half of Hot Topic, they’re the whole of We Love Fine, they’re on Think Geek, and they’re in your department stores. Not like you haven’t noticed.

But cutting to the chase, there are good nerd shirts, and there are bad nerd shirts. And disclaimer, there are totally people fashionable enough to make a bad nerd shirt fashionable, but it takes skill. Also disclaimer, buy whatever you want, nobody can tell you what to wear. (Although there are laws that can tell you that you have to wear something.)

What makes a bad nerd shirt? Well going to the absolute extreme on the negative spectrum, it’s like taking the words “DOCTOR WHO” and just planting it onto a black shirt.

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