FASE-R.I.P. Aunt May

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My slowly growing collection of Heroclix figures has once again lead me to check out the Marvel Super Heroes RPG. I mean, where else can you play with a bunch of Marvel characters and also have most of them with stats – at least for the mid-80’s when the books for the game were coming out.

Unfortunately I’ve discovered the dark secret about how these stats were generated and how we lost national wheatcakes icon, May Parker.

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Marvel Season One: Spider-man and The Avengers

I haven’t touched a lot of the old school comics before when it comes to Marvel and DC (and those I’ve read are because of SuperMOOC). So when the opportunity came via the library system to check out the Marvel Season One books – the updated origin graphic novels retelling the origin stories of some of the better known heroes I was game.
I really picked up the titles in order of interested and was able to touch the first few pretty quickly so the reviews are in that order as opposed to some kind of chronological one. This time I checked out Spider-man and The Avengers.

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Marvel Assigns Fred Phelps To Write “Adventures Of Spider-man”

Almost a week after DC announced the controversial choice of hiring famed bigot Orson Scott Card to write the digital first series “The Adventures of Superman”, Marvel comics has responded with their own horribly controversial creator. In a press release sent out today, Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church has been announced as the writer for a new series called “The Adventures of Spider-man.”

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