Thing Of The Week – Tilapia

It is the holiday week before thingy so this week we are cutting down to an average of two posts per day since most of the writers will be busy and so we can build up a backlog. Of news. Before it happens.

Of course the holiday that we will be occupied with in Tilapia, the Festival of Bonefish, a traditional (as of now) North American festival celebrating the rebranding of the bonefish as Tilapia. We celebrate by listening to Fishbone, the aware winning album by Ghostface Waits, the mashup between Ghostface Killer and Tom Waits. Also we buy foods that we then make popular to drive up their prices – last year we did waffles but made them gourmet. This year – frozen dog poop. Look out for it America!

Brett Ratner Leaves Oscars Over Slur, X-Men: The Last Stand

The director of 85% of Chris Tucker’s movies has resigned from producing next year’s Oscar ceremony after the uproar over his use of a gay slur and X-Men: The Last Stand appearing on Netflix Watch Instant. “What am I looking at,” questions most who chose to view the movie, thinking it followed in the quality of X2: X-Men United. “Can I get a refund for these past two hours?”

Ratner also gave an interview with Howard Stern where he painted a raunchy, if unsurprising picture of Hollywood. The After The Sunset director released a statement to TheWrap where he stated, “…as painful as this may be for me, it would be worse if my association with the show were to be a distraction from the Academy and the high ideals it represents.” Adding, “I thought 5 years would be enough time for people to forget X3, but the internet has a long memory.”

When told of the situation, Hugh Jackman, star of X3 and one time Oscar host, said “Crikey, he rooted himself with that one. He really put his shrimp on the barbie with this one. Prob‘ly should’na mention shrimp. I‘m off ma face!”