Marvel Announces “Secret Gauntlet” Game

Upon the news of DC and Marvel announcing new video games, Marvel Core, the extremist branch of Marvel Comics that was left after the ghost of Kirby attacked, announced their own game title Secret Gauntlet.
Said project head Brian Clevinger, creator of Atomic Robo as well the writer for an all ages retelling of The Infinity Gauntlet. “After we got stranded in the Marvel Building by the circling ghost pirate ship, we just started talking about making comics we’d love to see as games. I didn’t really dig the whole Civil War angle that they keep pushing and I think the new event comics lack that big feeling so Jeff (Parker), Matt (Fraction), Greg (Pak), Fred (Van Lente) and a few others talked it out and were like – Secret Wars meets Infinity Gauntlet!”
Secret Wars and The Infinity Gauntlet were two famous series from the 80’s prized for their storytelling ability and generally high sales. While the Secret Wars focuses on a team of heroes and a team of villains fighting in space for the Beyonder, a godlike hero’s promise of power, the Infinity Gauntlet is the opposite. In the Infinity Gauntlet after half of the life in the Universe is wiped out by Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet a team of superheroes is forced to ban together to defeat the threat to restore the universe.
“Explosions are fantastic! And if we can give a big enough threat for heroes and villains to work together – namely Thanos and the Beyonder as these galactic threats – we can get tons of explosions,” commented Greg Pak, writer of series such as The Incredible Hulk, Alpha Flight and Hercules.
The proposed game would feature the Beyonder summoning the greatest warriors in the universe to fight while accidentally bringing together all of the Infinity Gems – cosmically powered jewels that allow the users to reach omnipotence. Teams of 6 composed of some expected 60 playable characters (with more added via DLC) will then be able to fight for the gems and to achieve that power to either corrupt the world or save.
“Of course, once you get the Gauntlet and the Gems – you team breaks down and it turns into a fighting game,” explained Jeff Parker, writer of Atlas, Hulk and Thunderbolts. “There we want the game to not just be about physical fighting but we want this intellectual level. These are people who want to save the world – but they all have different ideas. If Cap, Iron Man and Flatman had to figure out how to fix the world, could they come up with a use for that Infinite Power?”
“Unfortunately we don’t really have the support or power to do much though, but we’ll figure something out,” commented Matt Fraction, creator of last summer’s event comic Fear Itself. “We do have these drawings that we made on napkins though,” said Fraction as he held up one of Thanos and Spider-man and added “Thwp thwp! Eat a dick Thanos!”