Chris Sims, Laura Hudson To Have Film Watching Contest For Editor-In-Chief Position

Chris Sims, senior writer for Comics Alliance and Senior Batmanologist on the Twitter finally announced the tipping point of his peace with Editor-in-Chief of the AOL/Huffington Post Owned Comics Alliance. 
In a public Twitter statement, Sims announced "I just got asked to review Swamp Thing by @laurahudson. We are doing this now - Bad Movie off. Winner is new EIC."
He then followed this up by saying "Hold that till later - I need to watch some Jem."
Editor In Chief Laura Hudson then responded "Oh boy @theisb, I'll BRING it like you bring it to smacking Tarot."
Senior editor Caleb Gollner then commented "I'll moderate this then but first pictures of pugs."
Later Sims announced "We'll be live streaming the two of us watching horrible movies decided by you - the viewer," and then proceeded to talk about the woman who comments about his hair at the gym.

Currently the rules of the contest stand - 
Caleb Gollner will judge the contest on:
Resistance (to self inflicted pain) out of 10 points
Humor (must live tweet) out of 10 points
Pugs (pugs pugs pugs) out of pugs.
The movies will be
  • Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD
  • Swamp Thing 2
  • Howard The Duck
There will be a nine hour period to watch the films in and to live tweet and then write a small review.