IDW Announces 4 New Series Over Easter Weekend

Comic, TV, trading cards, indie art and pulp fans rejoice because the swell folks at Idea + Design Works have a bunch of comics that are sure to knock your corporately owned property printed socks off! Over the fine weekend IDW didn’t just announce a Rocketeer and Spirit crossover by Mark Waid. They didn’t just announce a Jim Mahfood collection. They didn’t just mention a Dinosaurs Attack comic series. They also announced a Black Dynamite series – and if that isn’t better than the return of our Lord and Savior, well let me tell you that you are obviously some kind of heartless hate beast that will suffer in the pits of hell!

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What We Say When We Get Press Releases: About IDW

I’ve been writing for another site that I won’t name but I end up getting a lot of press releases from the companies – and most comic news sites are in similar positions. You get review copies of comics – that I can’t/wont review for Nerdcenaries due to getting them for another site – and you get a lot of PR emails and from what I recalled about working in a comic shop – you get a lot of them too if you do online ordering.

I decided to actually look through one of them and look at how the company describes – not the product that it is advertising – but itself.

To start off, I went with IDW.

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