Vixen – A TV Pitch Part 1

So the CW has had reasonable success with Arrow but the show ultimately lacks some of the more exotic nature of the rest of the DC Comics universe. That is why I am pitching a Vixen series – Vixen being the superpowered supermodel who can use the powers of any animals. Using the CW three part formula – pretty people + supernatural stuff + real life problems, I think I have a winning series pitch. After the jump is the loose pitch and then a list of characters and tomorrow I’ll post the loose season 1 episode outlines.

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Pitch Machine: ERAS

Ziah Grace challenged me to make a 7 Soldiers of Victory style series using any character making a pitch every day for a week. I laughed. And then I picked a buncha Bob Powell characters that almost nobody heard of and made 7 pitches that tie into the same story. Except each one takes place in a different decade. And each story has a different feel towards it. I do wish I’d fit in more female characters though but here is my pitch for ERAS. And I did this all in about 2 hours.

Ted Parrish

Ted Parrish was an actor – The Man of 1000 Faces, Master of Make-Up until the Depression hits. Hollywood folded up like a blind man playing Poker and Ted gots into fighting – he’s an angry man, he’s washed up and he just likes to beat people till they bleed. He ended up joining the underground fighting ring in Hollywood where he holds the top few spots and is lucky enough to avoid booking fights with his other personas until his luck runs out. When his two biggest personas have to refuse and they are kicked out. Ted refuses to give up and returns under another identity but he finds that the fights have changed. Now instead of fighting other humans – it is him versus monsters and if he loses, he’ll be the piece of meet chopped up into a beast. Can Ted Parrish find the source of the monsters to stop them and can he prevent his own inner demons from ripping himself apart?

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Pitch: Cable Messiah

The other night before I went to the Adam WarRock show with my friends, I swore that that I could make an interesting pitch for any character as either a series, miniseries or even a villain of the week thing. Beast Boy came up (team up with Animal Man and Vixen for people connected to the Red, the Red Teamm fighting an alien planet’s Red connected heroes/villains), Vandal Savage (go into how he turned evil, have him go on a crazy 60’s drug trip where he ends up seeing everyone he ever new including other versions of himself that drives him insane) and even Kiteman (Kiteman vs Hawkman, Kiteman creates this giant floating wall of killer kites and death traps – make it insane and stupid and brilliant and have Savage Hawkman just attack it) and then they did brought up Cable. (Technically Cable happened before Kiteman but who cares).

Cable stumped me for a while. I mean the entire idea of the character really keeps coming back to the fact that he is trying to change the future – which he has done a lot and then he is an over the top 90’s character – the poster boy for it. Why is his name Cable? And yet despite Cable’s gruff demeanor he hangs out with Deadpool and keeps doing crazy stuff and he keeps traveling through time.

So what if his time travel didn’t work. What if Cable came from a reality set in the future – but the past reality that he ends up in is a whole different timeline and he can’t return home. Cable does what he is supposed to stop the future plague – but his world is still screwed. He can’t even return home and he really has nothing to do – he saved humanity from the big threat. So he goes Booster Gold.

Cable is a man with digital archives of everything that happened in a similar timeline. He is sort of a cyborg. He is a bit insane but deep down he wants to save the world. – so he creates this giant plan to save the world and then he goes to win big in Vegas.

After a few minutes cheating and then investing money (this is back in the 80s) the now infinitely rich Cable works to just make life better while relaxing. He becomes a celebrity, he helps mutants financially becoming the public face of the pro-mutant and human agenda. Professor Xavier never needs to form the X-men – Cable is there. When Magneto threatens to kill all humans, Cable talks things out with the militant anti-human/mutant parties and the world improves. Supergenius mutants create clean burning energy. What Galactus comes, Cable already made the technology to turn cosmic energy into something that Galactus can harness to feed his hunger. When the Skrulls and Kree come to fight, Earth is ready and they negotiate a treaty with Cable heading the table. When Thanos stops by, Cable kills him knowing there is no real reasoning with a dude who wants to bang Death. Cable becomes the immortal messiah of the world – sent to prevent destruction, who ends up improving the world instead.

Totally different take on the character and it is something I’d check out.

Pitch Week – Sector 2813: Krypton

One of those weird tidbits of information lost to time is that Krypton could have been saved by sunglasses. According to some of the canon the Green Lantern Tomar-Re was going to save Krypton with a giant rock that would cure the exploding core of the planet but a solar flare temporarily blinded him.
Now there are so many problems with this I mean the Green Lanterns seem to face suns all of time. That’s part of the whole space travel thing. What about if there was another Green Lantern who was there at the time like Rot Lop Fan, the blind Green Lantern? What if Tomar Re was wearing Tomar Raybans? What if the energy shield blocked the blinding light or what if Tomar took another path.
However it happens though and how is unimportant – Krypton is saved from the brink of destruction by outsiders, the people that Krypton has been unable to trust. The cultural and scientific mecca is suddenly open to the galaxy to expand and share. The Kryptonians decide to spread out once more. (I mean the only reason they stopped exploring is that they blew up the moon on accident which is honestly very horribly stupid. I mean how do you blow up the moon when you try and send a rocket and why would you give up? I mean did those people die for nothing and how would you even get people to the moon before without space travel.)
Soon the Green Lanterns and the Kryptonians eventually make peace and because the Kryptonians have no powers naturally minus their intellect and health (i.e. extended lifespan), they join the Green Lantern Corp and the newest recruit when we join in is Kal-El the defender of will, honor and knowledge – the new ideals of Krypton.
Unfortunately not all Kryptonians are as welcome to the changes brought on by the Green Lantern’s growing influence including General Zod, formerly chief weapon design. Zod begins a fear mongering campaign against the Lanterns but when his actions lead to the murder of a visiting Oan delegate, Zod and his followers are banished to the Anti-Matter Universe.
Meanwhile Kal-El begins his service serving the 2814th Quadrant taking over for a retiring Abin Sur. Superman becomes a symbol of the Kryptonian ideas and helps to expand Earth’s contact with space.
Zod meanwhile meets with the Weaponers of Qward, a race banished by the Oans who promise Zod a weapon to harness that fear that he has and creates giving him the yellow ring of fear which is shared with his followers. They soon escape and begin reactivating the exploding core that had brought the Green Lanterns there in the first place. An emergency signal is sent out to the Green Lanterns but it is too late and Kal-El arrives to see his planet destroyed. Powered by a will for justice and his new powers from Earth’s sun, Superman and the Corps are able to capture a majority of the Zod Corp for the time being though Zod escapes.
After suffering the loss of his home and his friends, Kal-El pledges to keep the legacy of his planet going as a Green Lantern and Kal-El and returns to Earth, serving as the defender of the sector.

As for creators I’d love to be the writer and I’d want someone like Frazer Irving on the art.

Pitch Week – Herc

Welcome to Pitch Week – the week where we pitch the ideas we’d like to see for media, realistic or not, and give them because if we can’t talk about dream projects – why run a fake website?

Herc/The Incredible Herc

Set in the Marvel Movieverse we are given a loose adaptation of the Incredible Herc series by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, in fact get those two writing for the movie since Pak has direct history writing movies.
After finding his parents killed and his house exploded the only clue to his parent’s murder that Amadeus Cho has is a SHIELD Agent seen running from the scene. Cho, using his thousands in college scholarships and his parent’s inheritance to hire Hercules, a cable channel bounty hunter who is more than what he seems. The two take off in a van to track down SHIELD HQ as Cho finds that Herc is the real god and that emotions must be kept in track since things aren’t always what they seem which are shared through stories of Hercule’s famous exploits. Meanwhile Agent Coulson from the other films acts as the law attempting to track the pair down and stop them.
Picture it as a transcontinental action film filled with explosions and old enemies leading to the final confrontation with SHIELD and the truth about what happened. Something that happens in the universe more commonly that doesn’t necessarily concern the bigger heroes and doesn’t require entry into the Avengers.

Amadeus Cho – age him up to 16 or so, unsure about actors. This Cho is less of the mega genius that he was in the series to balance him out a little more. He’s going to college already and is set to graduate in a few months. He can be rash and vindictive but is ultimately good. Over the story he changes to become more controlled thanks to lessons from Herc. Must be Korean-American.

Hercules – immortal god of strength possibly played by a wrestler type (CM Punk?) – think Batman Brave and the Bold Aquaman personality wise – more energetic and excitable than in the comic. There is a dark edge though that comes from being immortal and for the sins in his past. While the other Greek gods remain in Olympus, Herc who was born human likes the company of people who change. At the start of the film his is a bounty hunter on tv but he hides his true strength. When he meets Cho and sees the potential for good or evil though, he sees that it is important to guide the boy who lost his parents and to turn him from the path of revenge.