Bandette #1 Review


By Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover
Review by Arielle Sorkin

Bandette is cute. Cute, fun, and really leaving me in need of more issues. The story (so far) is simple enough: Bandette is an honorable thief for justice! The story takes place in modern France, and Colleen Coover’s loose brushwork set a perfectly Parisian tone.

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DC Announces “Screw This, Comics Are Just For Kids Again”

In a shocking turn of events, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee announced they were turning away from material aimed more at adults to appeal to the children’s book market. Johns commented “Listen, we want to see books just for kids. I’m tired of all of this vitriol coming from adult readers. Boo hoo, you don’t like Starfire being slutty. Boo hoo Catwoman has sex. You know who wants to read these stories – kids.”
Johns announced that he’ll simply be adding a kid’s friendly sticker to all of the current NDCU52 books and just keep going as usual.
Other all ages comic creators like Paul Tobin and Roger Langridge expressed shock on Twitter. “While most books should be all ages, there needs to be an actual push for better all ages content,” commented Tobin. “If you want a kid’s book it isn’t about just advertising the book but it is about creating content that kid’s can read and share with their family. Also you need to secretly add in Cable every page but that is neither here nor there.”
Market analysts at DC predicted that this new move will cause a rapid loss in sales due to the fact that kid’s don’t have money.