In their usual restraint, comic book fans did not complain when early leaked photos from the set of the upcoming movie based on the Captain Anarchy series of books revealed minor changes from the original comic books.

In the Jake Lloyd directed cinematic adaptation of the popular series, Captain Anarchy’s normal disguise of a handlebar mustache drawn on with Sharpie has been replaced by paintball mask that covers his entire face. Also, femme fatale Eternia now wears pants and is not a nymphomaniac.

“All that matters is that we got a good actress who can put on an engaging performance, and be more than just eye candy and a token love interest,” says a satisfied Lloyd. “I mean, if I wanted to jack off, I can go to, am I right?”

But how are news blogs reacting? “You know, I was a little shocked at first when I saw the changes, but some just translate better to the movie screen, you know?” said John Crocket of “Besides, I shouldn’t have been on set anyways. But sometimes these places got really good food and I stole like 80 danishes.”

Readers of were just as level headed, leaving comments such as “I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt,”, “Could be good,” and “As long as the story’s compelling, it doesn’t matter.”

In the movie, Captain Anarchy fights his arch nemesis, The Armored Angel, whom Lloyd says “will dress like Satan and be balls deep in another man at all times”. Long time fans eager for the film’s release have called this move “clever”, “subversive” and “hot as shit”.