New Comic Not Supposed To Controversial

In a shocking turn of events, the new comic Stop Being Wrong You Goddamn Idiots has taken a large amount of the flack on the media. Produced by Blackwater Comics, a secret comics producing militia, Stop Being Wrong You Goddamn Idiots was produced as a way to keep mental rays from entering the minds of average people. Unfortunately with the flamboyantly angry title and the fact that the book consists solely of people with genital mutilation the book has instead only outraged thousands.
Ken Jones, creator of the book and Blackwater Comics commented saying “No, I wrote a book about peace called Love. These brain waves though, the mind rays make it seem horrible! There is an anti love force. We aren’t even a militia. What kind of militia makes comics?”
Currently the CIA and FBI are investigating the company for possible ties to terrorist organizations and because they hate the country. More on this as it develops.