Radio Hope and the Reader Episode 7: Soulless Robot Saviors

Radio Hope and The Reader is a weekly podcast set up like the journal of a superhero, The Reader, John Black, stuck on a satellite in space as he copes with his own loneliness as well as trying to solve the problems of the planet Earth.

Written and Narrated by Luke Herr

This week! Soulless Robot Saviors!

Hope Satellite illustrated by James Lloyd.


Click here to listen to episode 7 (it’s about 20 minutes)

or here to download the seventh episode.

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Comic Book Creator Profiles: Robert Kanigher

Robert Kanigher was an amazing guy, and if you’ve ever read a war comic, it was likely either written by him or directly inspired by his work. This is a guy whose¬†creations include Black Canary, The Haunted Tank. The Metal Men, Sgt. Rock and even Poison Ivy from Batman (you know, the character who makes up half of every female cosplay duo). The guy had runs on All-Star Western, Batman, Phantom Stranger, Wonder Woman and dozens of other books for long runs.

Sgt. Rock #362, Cover Art by Joe Kubert, Written by Robert Kanigher
Cover art by Joe Kubert

But that isn’t enough to just make him an interesting guy. No – Robert Kanigher is also a real life bad-ass of the highest degree.

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