Pitch Machine: ERAS

Ziah Grace challenged me to make a 7 Soldiers of Victory style series using any character making a pitch every day for a week. I laughed. And then I picked a buncha Bob Powell characters that almost nobody heard of and made 7 pitches that tie into the same story. Except each one takes place in a different decade. And each story has a different feel towards it. I do wish I’d fit in more female characters though but here is my pitch for ERAS. And I did this all in about 2 hours.

Ted Parrish

Ted Parrish was an actor – The Man of 1000 Faces, Master of Make-Up until the Depression hits. Hollywood folded up like a blind man playing Poker and Ted gots into fighting – he’s an angry man, he’s washed up and he just likes to beat people till they bleed. He ended up joining the underground fighting ring in Hollywood where he holds the top few spots and is lucky enough to avoid booking fights with his other personas until his luck runs out. When his two biggest personas have to refuse and they are kicked out. Ted refuses to give up and returns under another identity but he finds that the fights have changed. Now instead of fighting other humans – it is him versus monsters and if he loses, he’ll be the piece of meet chopped up into a beast. Can Ted Parrish find the source of the monsters to stop them and can he prevent his own inner demons from ripping himself apart?

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