Bear Grylls, Batman Team-Up For “BATMAN VS. WILD”

Coming soon to Discovery Channel is a new reality series showcasing how to survive
in wild, urban areas. Bear Grylls of Man Vs. Wild and Worst Case Scenario will host
the program but will be the student this time as he is trained in urban vigilantism by
the “Dark Knight” of Gotham City, The Batman.

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase the abilities of The Batman and provide just a little
transparency to this new initiative,” remarked Wayne Enterprises and Batman, Inc. CEO
Bruce Wayne. “While not a complete look into how the Caped Crusader operates, I think
the people will be both educated and entertained with the new series.”

Bear, who films specials where he takes celebrities on expeditions, will be learning
how to track a suspect, evade street cameras and tackle multiple armed assailants with
non-lethal weaponry. “We’ve deputized Mr. Grylls for the duration of taping. He’s also
provided an insurance and incidental death waiver,” Commissioner James T. Gordon
said when called for comment. While the Gotham City police department has no official
stance on the authority of Batman, they wish to provide positive exposure of Gotham
City and its residents.

Batman would not respond to any requests for a comment through Batman Inc. or the
GCPD, but his current sidekick Robin left a note with one of the cameramen for the

“This is stupid. -R”