DC Announces Watchmen Prequel

In a sign of the now faster approaching Ragnarok, DC Comics announced a 4 part prequel to Watchmen, the classic series by Alan Moore generally regarded as the best series by people who don’t like to confess that they read comics.
With Moore still holding a vendetta with the studio the chances are that Moore will have no involvement with the series.
Moore, whose beard summons the blood rain in the final days has not yet commented but shit … okay we are supposed to make fake news but I can’t think of a realistically fake way to tilt this story. I mean the Ragnarok thing was close but if you have a goose laying golden eggs already – Watchmen still sells well – why are you going to disturb it.
If anything this just shows how bad off DC Comics is when they can’t come up with any new ideas.
Yes, Watchmen is a famous story but the story has a beginning and an ending. The story has all of the parts that it needs and there is nothing that needs to be added to it. If there were to be one thing that the story were able to add and if Moore at least consented to help or give notes – that would be fantastic and different but it doesn’t sound that way.
Also if you want to do something parodying conservatism at the extreme, get Bill Willingham on it.
But yeah, jeeze.