Review: Jack The Bastard and Other Stories

Jack the Bastard and Other Stories

By Micah Nathan With Illustrations By Phil Noto, Michael Allred, Russ Nicholson, and Tradd Moore

Review by Luke Herr

Jack the Bastard and Other Stories was a tonal shift in what I’ve been reviewing over the past few months – mostly comics. To be honest it has been some time since I’ve read any short stories that weren’t for school in one way or another though there is some strange and I’ll confess, grudge based reason for that. Anthologies have always stood mentally as these tomes filled with only three stories that support the purchase of the book, be it for class or simply because the other stories, this literary filler, doesn’t hold up to the caliber of work that the book’s greater stories might raise. So when I approached Jack the Bastard and Other Stories by Micah Nathan, it was with trepidation and without any idea of what I might expect and to open, this book has restored to me the idea that an anthology can be an enjoyable and strong read.

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