My Own Brand Of Justice League by Luke Herr

My Own Brand of Justice League

I’ve been looking for a new theme for Nerdcenaries since we did Vertigo Zombies almost a year ago. Luckily for me the new Justice League of America team was announced and it did nothing for me – or a lot of people. So instead of just complaining I decided to invite the Nerdcenaries team members, friends and people we admire to pitch their own teams.

For my team, I got on current collaborator James Lloyd on art duties (We have a Kickstarter for a mini you’ll be able to get later) and I set about constructing a new Justice League.

I like to think that superhero teams should do more than punch out villains. I wanted to assemble a different team – a force for keeping the peace and bringing balance to the world. To do this I brought in representatives of the different worlds and elements and hopefully they might be able to fix the world – unless they destroy it.

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