No Secret Convention Items Post This Week

Due to our convention reporter getting caught up in some sort of angry Doctor Who related stampede at a convention that seeks to disenfranchise nerds as reasonable people who can only breed with other nerds, we are currently out of Secret Convention Items. Join us next week when we resume with coverage of the Marvel Mustache Collection. For now, more rage about an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “What Is It About Men”.

I mean a show like Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t really point to any positive factors about nerds interacting. I mean the entire idea is that nerds would stampede over other nerds for a chance at a free Russell T Davies signed TARDIS but the thing is at a convention not every nerd cares about Doctor Who, most would not risk their lives and then try and hurt their friends. Or if you are going to do that, try and make some more positive nerds appear in the episode. I mean the one nerd who saves a doctor finds that he can’t like her because she doesn’t like everything he likes and so he goes onto the next nerdy girl who references that she get what he speaks about. Meanwhile to asses are angry because one lost an ear going for the TARDIS and the other one got it and they get all angry about a ridiculous circumstance. Considering that there are no positive openly nerdy characters I see this as a further example of prejudice against nerds in a show about people who memorize surgeries and have crazy doctor sex. What the hell television.

At least it wasn’t Big Bang Theory though.