Fake Geek Girl Spotted In Seattle

The Fake Geek Girl, long suspected to exist but never seen, was photographed by an amateur cryptozoologist as the elusive Girl was leaving a Simon Helberg signing at Gold K Comics. Clad in what some witnesses believe was a Target Batman tee shirt and others a Wal-mart Avengers hoodie (though most agreed she had no idea when those were created), the mysterious community interloper allegedly gushed over Helberg’s show and how much she “appreciated it for making geek cool.” The Girl was said to have been “such a geek in school” and “really liked books and stuff.”

Max Rittlin, the cyrptozoologist who took the picture, did not speak to the Girl in question but had her pointed out to him by a friend who overheard other people talking about her. “I was like, “Yeah, right, no way she’s faking,” but my bro was all, “Man, she didn’t even know who Flash is.” So I took out my phone and copped the shot as fast as I could.”

Sharif Atwater, the manager at Gold K thinks the girl in the picture wasn’t the Fake Nerd Girl at all. “That looks like one of my regulars, but it’s too blurry. Anyway, everyone was having a good time. I don’t know why people are worried if she was really into comics.”

Whether the girl in the photograph was really the infamous Fake Nerd Girl can’t be 100% proven. But if she does exist, maybe she can answer the most important question her existence poses: How does her level of interest affect anyone else’s enjoyment?

Killing The Fake Geek Girl Idea

I am a 22 year old white male who enjoys reading comics. I am pretty sure almost all of you think that I am a geek just for saying I read comics (and running the site and writing comics but ignore that for now). There are some people who would see me reading the great Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors comics and say that reading those and enjoying them makes me lose my geek status, especially since I like them more than most Marvel and DC titles.

At the same time there are guys who say they love video games. Maybe half of the people would say that makes you a geek right there. The other half care about the games. If it is Madden – there goes the geek status! If it is Halo 4 – there goes the geek status.

There are girls who like to cosplay and they make or buy their costumes and wear them at conventions. There are some people who say they are doing it for attention so they aren’t real geeks. They are “fake geek girls.”

Being a geek is such a divisive topic for really stupid reasons and the people who define geeks under the criteria of what you watch, do or say are incredibly wrong because that isn’t what geeking out is about.

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