Journey Into Exiles 1

I like the idea of different universes and different takes on comic characters. What would happen if the worlds were slightly or super different and just staying on long enough to try and fix them. Sort of Quantum Leap in the Marvel Universe. And Exiles is one of those series that I think a lot of people forgot about after it came out or have never heard of. It is something I loved though, attacking everything via the Marvel Unlimited books (though the Exiles page is wacked out and full of double issues and out of order books instead of just the normal issues using it) and then a torrent of the two issues it was missing because it was maddening and sometimes if I pay for the account and buy my weeklies I don’t feel guilty about torrenting if the Unlimited collection is missing an issue or two. This is a look back of the first 32 issues of Exiles.

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