Non-Sexual Solicitations: 11/9/2011

Lenore, vol. 2 #4
Having stopped the combined fury of the League of Super-Mummies, Lenore just wants to have a normal moment with her zombie brother, Rudolpho. But they chose the wrong time to trick-or-treat on Maple Street, because the Creepig is back from his two-year stint at Betty Ford. He’s always when been addicted to destroying Lenore. Will he OD this time?

A Child Is Born
The Messiah is born, but can he really reunite the disparate tribes of the post-apocalyptic
Earth? Not if Nega-Buddha has anything to say about it! Believing everything should
be his, N-Budd will stop at nothing to take the God Child’s power and make The Virgin
Mary his bottom bitch. Standing in his way are John The Two Gun Baptist and the 12
Disciples of Dogma Kwon Do. It’s the Nativity, now with high octane action and blood
pumping sensuality!

Little Lulu Vol. 29 The Cranky Giant and Other Stories TP
Finally in one trade paperback is the Little Lulu epic “The Cranky Giant”. The end of school year cruise was supposed to be the best time of year for Lulu and friends, and was until pirates attacked the ship. Taking a lifeboat to escape, the friends wash up on a deserted island with no food and no way to call for help. But Olaf is going to help himself, to Lulu slow roasted on a spit! Also includes “Bruno Takes A Hearty Deuce.”

Decision 2012: Rick Santorum
What convinces someone to take the ultimate challenge and run for President? See the life and career of Rick Santorum as he dedicates himself to public service and making sure this country doesn’t get too gay. Find out all the details of his campaign leading up to his inevitable defeat at the Republican National Convention. Includes free tube of Astroglide.

Avengers Academy #23
X-23 joins the Avengers Academy but can she make the cut for the cheerleader squad?
She may have been trained since birth to be a deadly assassin, but the human pyramid
will push all of her abilities to the limit. Meanwhile, headmaster Hank Pym wants to
institute new curriculum guidelines, but is he setting the standards too high?

Marvel Cancels Everything Due To Ghosts

A ghost, possibly the type haunting Marvel offices???

In the past week a series of issues plaguing Marvel have caused the cancelation of two announced series and in a shocking turn today the entire Marvel line of entertainment ranging from comics to the lucrative films and even to unrelated merchandise has been cancelled and recalled by the Walt Disney Corporation, current owner of Marvel Entertainment.
When questioned for reasons, Marvel executives refused to answer though an unnamed source related “It’s the ghost of the Howlin’ Kirby back to wreck revenge!” This rumor was corroborated with evidence of ghostly glowing footprints and the howling wails heard in the building. The question is though – why do ghosts leave footprints.
More as this develops.

Didio Says New DCU Takes Place During Worldwide Slutwalk

In a shocking turn of news, Dan Didio announced that the comics media has been part of an unexpected social movement – the Slutwalk.
In response to allegations a few months ago that women who dressed “promiscuously” wanted to be raped and that it was their fault thereby excusing or partially exonerating the actions of the men. In these events where large groups of women dress promiscuously to show that it is not the clothing that is the problem but the men who would willing rape women and take advantage along with a society that praises this action in media while shunning women.
This announcement only confuses things in the DC Universe which has come under repeated controversy over the actions of several characters including Catwoman and Starfire over their somewhat ridiculous and overtly offensive sexuality. Events where Catwoman seems overly obsessed with sex with Batman in events that put her and Batman on a roof having sex raised alarms along with Starfire’s recent recharacterization which has her as an emotionless woman looking for wanton sex.
Saying that the entire incident has been part of these Slutwalks not only further confuses ideas but it shows more of a disconnect with mainstream culture.
Greg Parking, comic shop owner commented “If all of these women are dressing as sluts what does that say about all of the women who aren’t overly sexual.”
Parking went on to point out the Birds of Prey, Supergirl and almost every other female character depicted with some level of respect. Does this mean that every other woman not acting like a slut means that they don’t care about feminism or that they are so sexually repressed that they believe superhero costumes in general are slutty?
In yet another PR blunder, DC continues to dig itself deeper in a controversy that could have easily been excused by saying something like “We have messed up both in coming off as respectable people and people who respect not only female readers and readers in general.”