Dear People Who Program Digital Comic Readers

Dear People Who Program Digital Comic Readers,
Please make your products less shitty. Please open up more image types. It can’t be that difficult and it will let you open up digital comics to the future.
I recently made the Socialfist Chapter 1 CBZ file. 90% of the time people tried to use it, there was a problem – not with the file but with the programs running it. Some people had issues opening the files because I made it on a Mac and their computers could read it. That meant that when I zipped the file they stuck in a tiny Mac stamp that prevented the comic from being read in some programs.
Other people had problems because the first several pages were gifs. Why the hell would you not let gifs work in your program? These are basic image files! Does it make sense? I posit that it doesn’t.
I mean if gifs and animated gifs could work in your programs, you could have animations and that would be freaking awesome. That is what the future of digital comics have but it needs you all to come together and standardize gifs and animations.
Just putting this out there.
(Personally I use Simple Comic on my Mac and it does it all.)