Booster Gold / Blue Beetle To Die In “Suicide Squad” Crossover

Fan favorite characters Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, the favorite heterosexual lifemate couple of the pre-52 universe, have been slated to die in an upcoming Suicide Squad and Blue Beetle crossover “Suicide Pact”. Booster Gold who was previous featured in Justice League International, now cancelled, will be forced onto the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller for an unknown crime and the team will be sent after Blue Beetle.

Writer Adam Glass on twitter commented “I really want to try and make something that hasn’t been done before. I mean, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle used to be friends but that’s weird. I mean what kind of thirty year old is friends with a high schooler – so I started to think if they won’t be friends, they’ll be enemies. It is an either or thing.”

When Glass was asked about fan reaction he candidly replied “No matter what happens, some people are going to be angry. I’d rather try not to cater to fans who want me to tell the same stories and use characters the same way. It isn’t working for titles that are doing that – I mean Booster Gold had a fanbase but not enough of one to keep a title! That means that the fans need something else to pull them in and get them interested in the character and I believe having fan favorite characters as enemies might do that. Haters to the left.”

Haters to the left indeed.